The world of technology does not stand still: innovative inventions are gaining more and more public attention, making our lives easier and more convenient. Who knows what specialists will come up with in the near future, but today there are technological mobile applications available to everyone. With their help, you can solve almost any problem. Check more handy apps at appslikethese.

We made a selection of useful services that can become indispensable helpers in the big city.

Happn: An App to Find People you Meet on Your Way

The dating app Happn brings online dating back to the real world. It uses your location data, analyzes it by comparing it with other users, and tells you which of them your paths have crossed at least once in real life. In addition, when you are close to a person who matches your characteristics, his profile rises to the top of the search ribbon. In case the interest and sympathy to each other are mutual, the application allows to start a dialogue and to arrange a meeting.

Even if you avoid all kinds of dating apps as a matter of principle, pay attention to Happn. If you once met a person you were interested in, with Happn you have all chances not to lose him in a big city and meet again.

Hudway: a Guide in Low Visibility

Hudway will help you get to your destination safely even in the worst weather. When visibility is poor, the app will project an image of the road on the windshield, no additional devices are needed for this. Attach your phone to your dashboard, and Hudway will plot a route, no matter where in the world and in what conditions you find yourself.

This smart mobile assistant will warn the driver about the obstacles on the way and advise you to slow down if there is a dangerous turn ahead. You can use Hudway even in places where there is no connection. If the weather turns bad, and you’re going out of town, download the route in advance and use it offline.

TunelnBear: An app That Changes the Positioning of Your Smartphone

The clever app is capable of overcoming any borders and opening access to sites and services that only work abroad. Once you launch TunnelBear, all you have to do is select the desired country, and the service will immediately configure your device so that the Internet will be sure that you are there. After that, all the sites and services that are available to foreign users will be opened for you. And thanks to the user-friendly and fun interface, the process will become even more fun.

For example, the world-famous music service Spotify, which offers legal and free listening to music, is not yet available in Russia. However, by selecting another country, such as Germany, in TunnelBear, you will be able to access it.

Grabr: Allows you to Shop Around the World Without Leaving Home

It’s a community of travelers who help you buy any item in any country around the world for a small fee and get it delivered to your home. It is a great way to get something that is much cheaper abroad or is not available on the market at all.

The transaction algorithm is completely safe both for the buyer and for the traveler who will take delivery. As soon as the customer accepts the traveler’s offer, the service freezes on his account an amount equivalent to the value of the order and transfers it to the account of the executor only after confirmation of the receipt of the goods.

The order can be placed through the app, which is available on the AppStore for free, and your favorite Parisian macaroons or the New Balance model just arrived in American stores will be with you.

GetTable: a Restaurant guide

GetTable is a restaurant guide for people who are used to being able to get what they want with just one click. The app gives you a one-click reservation at your favorite cafe. It also allows you to find out about other places nearby and read their menus and reviews – it’s always exciting to try something new. If you’re a frequent visitor to the same place, you’re sure to get access to a special bonus system, as well as rewards for visiting your favorite restaurants.

Service experts prepare lists of the best places for users, sorting restaurants by type of cuisine and features of the location of the place – everyone will find something interesting and will be able to book a table instantly.