If you are really into sports, you must have heard of VIPBox which entertains its fans by providing free stream access from all over the world!

But, unfortunately with the recent news that the streaming site VIPBox has been shut down in some countries, sports fans are in a dilemma as they are left wandering for other means to stream their favorite team.

So, if you also belong to this category, don’t worry and consider using similar sites like VIPBox. However, we do agree that finding the best alternative to VIPBox can be a bit difficult as there are so many options available.

Hence, we have come up with this post which discusses in detail VIPbox alternatives like First Row Sports, LiveTV, StreamWoop, Cricfree, SportRAR.TV and 8 others as they are considered to be the best in this league.

That being said, let’s get started:


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What Is VIPBox?

For those looking for live sports action, no wonder VIPBox is the ultimate choice for you as every major sports event, from football to basketball, is covered live by VIPBox. 

Amongst most of the sports lovers out there, VIPBox is considered a well-known site for streaming live matches and highlights of Football, UFC, Rugby, NBA, NFL, Boxing and other free content.

So, since every major sporting event is available on VIPBox, from basketball streams and football streams to golf streams and ice hockey— you can easily watch all your favorite sports tournaments on VIPBox Live from wherever you are.

To cut a long story short, Vipbox is one of the best streaming sites in the world that streams almost every major sports and entertainment event across the globe for everyone to watch from anywhere as they just need to visit the website and catch live sports events on your pc or mobile device. 

Although, it is clear by now that VIPbox is known as the best sports streaming site for many sports fans, it has been observed that sometimes users face technical issues and get interrupted while watching live matches on it. 

Well, it is no surprise because this site, like many other sites, goes down and at times does not work properly. But, the good news is that it’s not just a VIPbox platform that you can use to watch sports.

Therefore, users reluctantly start looking for similar websites like VIPBox and while some have switched to other streaming services such as Sling and FuboTV, others keep searching as they have found that these alternatives do not work for them.

So, for those, let us tell you about 13 alternatives to VIPBox which are almost similar and are considered to be the best for streaming sports online for free. Also, note that we will not only provide you the list of 13 alternatives to VIPBox but will also go over them in more detail below.

List of 13 Best VIPBox Alternatives for Free Streaming Sports Online in 2023

Fubo TV

Now, continue reading to know in detail about these VIPBox alternatives which are almost similar and considered to be the best for streaming sports online for free:

1. SportsRAR.tv:


First and foremost, we’ve SportRar.tv on the list. It is a free site to watch sports with many valuable features like, you can set the Time zone to get the exact timings of the matches according to your place. 

Another best part of using this website is that it works with all major channels of different nations. The benefit of this is clear that SportsRar.tv allows you to stream live telecasts legally. 

Other than this, let us mention that SportsRar.tv is famous for a particular sport called Motorsports but, if you aren’t into Motorsports, you can access other sports as well, such as Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Fighting, NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.

Not to mention more, the site also has its own notification feature whereby you will be ‘notified’ or receive updates for upcoming or ongoing matches. Above all, the graphic user interface is very impressive – bright and crisp that you certainly prefer!

2. Sportlemon.net:

sites like vipbox sportslemon

On this alternative to VipBox, you can free-watch live matches, TV channels, and sports without need of any registration. There are more than 130 channels available for live streams and besides watching sports and movies; you can also listen to songs on this platform.

To be particular, Sportslemon.net has different sports like boxing, badminton, rugby, football, handball, basketball, tennis, etc. You can always watch whatever sports events you like without fuss.

In addition to this, the website regularly streams sports events so you can enjoy watching live streams of your favorite sports.

All in all, the combination of high-quality content with an easy user interface makes this website super convenient and fun to use.

3. Feed2All:


Next on the list is Feed2All. This is pretty popular and talking about popular streaming sports sites like VIPBox, it is considered one of the most reliable alternatives of the same that comes with tons of handy features. 

Moreover, the website has a clean and straightforward design where all of the contents are neatly and well-organized with different genres. 

What else makes it a great fit is that you can find different kinds of sports variations here and can absolutely enjoy sports videos with impressive quality. So, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed when coming to this site.

4. CricFree:


Cricfree is another great site that should be mentioned here. On this site you can watch live sports streams and also can view various sports streaming events like football, basketball, boxing, motorsports etc.

Also it is interesting to note that due to the organized game schedule posted on the website, users can easily find the sport they are interested in. To be specific, the game’s schedule for the entire day is posted on the website’s homepage, and each game is represented by its corresponding icon, making it easy to find, understand, and familiar to almost anyone.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that Cricfree is an aggregator website, this means that it does not directly host live-streamed games rather it provides links to actual websites that provide live-streams for said sports. Clicking the links available on the website will take you to another website that streams your favorite game; it’s as simple as that! 

However, the only downside about this site is the annoying ads that open a new tab every time you click something on the homepage. But, if that’s not a major concern for you, then this site is definitely worth visiting.

5. MamaHD:


This is another amazing website that is handy for sports streaming service in high quality. 

On this platform, you can watch almost all sports types like football, basketball, racing, WWE, boxing, golf, snooker, and many more in high quality. 

In addition, what you would like about MamaHD is that this sports streaming service is compatible with both PC and mobile phones. 

Also, you will not miss any of your live matches as MamaHD streams all the live sports matches out there.

Overall, the combination of the clean layout, expansive collections and high-quality videos are some definite reasons why being a sports fan you like to access the website to enjoy quality sports entertainment.

6. FirstRow Sports:

FirstRow Sports

In case you consider yourself a football lover, then this site should be included in your must-visit list. FirstRowSports is especially designed as a site for streaming soccer and football events. So, here not only can you watch football tournaments but also you can watch the Premier Leagues. 

However, this doesn’t mean other sports fans get disappointed on this platform; it has tons of other sports collections as well so you can feel free to find the type of sports you want.

Not to mention, that the service is free to access and accessing the site is simple as well as easy, all thanks to its simple layout and straightforward design. So, with all this, what one can ask for more! However, make sure to download the updated flash player so you will be able to access the site within any web browser of your choice.

7. StreamWoop:


Streamwoop is another popular sports streaming website that connects you to the most popular sports videos and TV channels. To be precise, on this website, you can easily access all kinds of sports genres and categories. 

However, for this, you need to register yourself with your email address despite that the service is free.

But, if it is not a matter of concern, rest assured that you can enjoy high-quality content with such a user interface system that is pretty smooth, clean and intuitive. Hence, no wonder why it is claimed as one of the most reliable VipBox alternatives.

8. goATD.me:


GoATD.me is one among the list of great VIPBox alternatives for online sports streaming as it is a straightforward sports-streaming website that offers real-time sporting events of various sports like basketball, golf, tennis, and soccer. Unlike most websites, GoATD doesn’t focus on providing too many visuals, as the homepage only shows the games scheduled for the entire day. 

What else is interesting to know about this site is that for people with a specific sports event they want to watch, the site provides an easy navigation category where all sporting events covered by the website are given. 

What’s more interesting to know about this site is that for those who want to watch a specific sporting event, the site provides an easy navigation category where all the sporting events supported by the website are listed—making it easy to choose.

Above all, GoATD has many users around the world, even though websites like VIPBox are relatively well known to most streamers. However, it is to be mentioned that this is the reason why the site doesn’t have all the unnecessary ads, which hinders the viewing experience.

9. StreamIPTVonline.com:


Next on the list is StreamIPTVonline.com that lets you watch your favorite sports events without registering anything or without any subscription. 

On this website, there are so many different kinds of streaming options that you can enjoy – and not just that you can also get detailed information about the upcoming as well as ongoing sports matches, such as rugby, football, hockey, tennis, boxing, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, motorsports, etc. 

Truly a paradise for sports fanatics, StreamIPTVonline.com, should be added to your set of useful bookmarked websites.

10. Rojadirecta:


Are you a person who always wants to check the latest information about sporting events in the world, as well as be able to watch them? If yes, then this Rojadirecta is a site that you must visit.

It has a huge sports library for both the ongoing and upcoming matches. Currently, you can watch exciting sporting events like soccer games, football matches, hockey tournaments, etc. 

To be precise, it has an impressive sports streaming index and you can rest assured to enjoy a wide variety of sports here. 

Overall, it would not be wrong to say that Rojadirecta is the largest sports event index, TV channel and live sports stream.

11. MyP2P:


For those who want to watch live sports events anywhere, anywhere on any device, MyP2P can be a perfect choice since it is a completely free live sports streaming website that allows you to enjoy your favorite sports events in high-quality as per your liking and preference.

If more is to be mentioned then it is definitely about the interface of the site – which is quite intuitive and attractive.

Other than this, it also offers multiple sports categories like Tennis, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Boxing, and MotoGP, etc. Each of these listed categories has its stations to explore and steam. Also, this site also offers a TV list to watch your favorite sports. On top of everything, all the streaming you get here is completely free. So, no wonder why MyP2P is one of the favorites of many sports lovers and can be yours too!

12. Fubo TV:

Fubo TV

If you’re a die hard sports lover then, FuboTV can be a perfect choice for you, it has more than 200 channels, including sports and entertainment channels. 

In addition to this, what might interest you is that it has both free versions and paid packages for premium users. Fubo TV is supported by popular streaming devices namely Android Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox.

13. ScoresInLive:


Last but not least, if you are a hardcore sports lover and want to know about the score of matches in a minute, then let’s get familiar with the site named ScoresInLive. 

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that you can see live scores of any sport like UEFA Champions League, Baseball, Rugby, NBA, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Hockey on its homepage.

Although the site is very basic, it gives you the ease to watch live sports tournaments, events and matches of your favorite sports and games on any device. Along with that, it lets you take a look at the scores of all sports matches in one go. Isn’t it amazing!


That’s all. Hope you now know the reason why sports lovers are looking for sites like VIPBox and what are its 13 best alternatives on the internet that you can consider to enjoy live sports streaming in the year 2023!

FAQ Related to VIPBox Sports Streams | Live VIPBoxTV Online

Ques: What is VipBox?

Ans: VIPBox is a free live sports platform on the internet that enables you to watch live soccer or live NFL and live NBA and live NHL and live MLB golf, live cricket streaming, live rugby, live boxing, live tennis, live boxing, MMA, live golf and live soccer.

Ques: How to access VipBox?

Ans: If you want to use Vipbox, know that it is quite simple to do so as you have to either type the keyword ‘NFL bite’ into your research generator or you can use the back link: Vipbox. However, make sure that before accessing the website, you have an active VPN to keep your information safe from hackers.

Ques: Is VIPBox Safe to Access?

Ans: Yes, access to the VIPbox website is secure to enjoy sports streaming but still, it is recommended that you use VPN technology to protect your personal information.

Ques: Do You Need a VPN for Streaming Sports on VIPBox?

Ans: Indeed, you need a VPN for sports streaming on VIPBox. The reason why VPN is essential if you are streaming sports on VIPBox or any of its alternatives is that it will hide your IP address while streaming the game and keep you anonymous in the eyes of the government and ISP.

Ques: What You Can Watch on VIPBox?

Ans: On VIPBox you can enjoy streaming live matches of all the famous sports such as— 

  • Athletics
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer Tennis
  • Wrestling and many more.

Ques: Has VIPBox been shut down?

Ans: No. When you check on websites like downstatus or isitdownrightnow, VIPBox often times, shows that its “vipbox.tv” domain is live. But, when you open the VIPBox URL in your browser of choice, it will redirect you to “VIP ROW Sports”. So, if you wonder what does that mean then, it only indicates to one thing that the domain of the site has been changed and changed to the new one with minor changes.

Ques: Is VIPBox Legal to Use?

Ans: It is true that VIPBox is known among many sports fans as the best sports streaming site because from basketball to football, every major sporting event is available on VIPBox. However, if you wonder whether it is legal to use or not, know that it is legal and you should not worry because the streams are also 100% legitimate!

Ques: What Are the Best Alternatives to VIPBox?

Ans: The below-listed are some of the best alternatives to VIPBox:

  1. Stream2watch
  2. Atdhe
  3. ScoresInLive
  4. FromHot
  5. Laola1
  6. VIPLeague
  7. StreamHunter
  8. Streamwoop
  10. Batmanstream
  11. Sportlemon
  12. Feed2all
  13. StrikeOut
  14. goATDee
  15. Stopstream
  16. StreamSports
  17. MyP2P
  18. fuboTV
  19. LiveSport24
  20. Cricfree

Ques: What Are the Websites like VipBox to Watch Free Live Sports?

Ans: These are the top 30 sites that can be considered as the best alternative to VIPBox and where you can stream live sports for free:

  1. Sportlemon.net
  2. SportsRAR.tv
  3. MamaHD
  4. Feed2All
  5. Streamwoop
  6. Firstrow Sports.eu
  7. Streamiptvonline.com
  8. Locast
  9. MYP2P
  11. StrikeOut
  12. FOX Sports GO
  13. goATD.me
  14. SuperSport
  15. Batmanstream
  16. Sports365
  17. CricFree 
  18. Live TV
  19. SonyLIV
  20. Wiziwig
  21. StopStream
  22. Stream2watch
  23. VIPLeague
  24. Hotstar Disney Plus
  25. Squid TV
  26. Bosscast
  27. OffsideStreams
  28. Universal TV
  29. Atdhe
  30. Sportrar.tv