Living your life on watching Digital Content is about to get expensive in 2024!

Last week, I watched ‘Friends’ (After my friends suggested it for the hundredth time) – I Really Loved it! Even though it had almost 200+ episodes, I completed it in just a week.

After spending so many hours watching good shows, I realized that I had become a different person than I used to be.

During my childhood days, when watching movies or any videos, theaters and video arcades were the only options, my time invested in movies was quite less.

Fast forward today, when I have internet access and online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, NYT, Apple Music, I am spending more time and money on these.

After thinking about it, I realized that I had been subscribed to 10 different online streaming platforms every month. And if I calculate them all together, the round figure can come close to $500!

Now that’s surprising!

I have always believed that I have been saving money by cutting back on theaters and video arcades. But the reality is that I have been spending more.

And, it’s about to get worse in the future!

Watching Digital Content Will Become Expensive!

Online streaming is about to follow the fragmentation approach. That means all your favorite shows will not be available on one platform. Instead, they will have their own platform. And to watch them, you need to subscribe to their platform.

Who knows, we might be forced to live the life of an old era where downloads were popular. If you are among the people who stream movies, make downloading a habit. It might help you cut some of your expenses on your data packages.

To start downloading, click here!

This is because of how the online content industry is growing. However, online content is an effective tool to capture audiences’ attention. They can also be pretty expensive.

Here are a few reasons why Digital Content will become expensive.

1. Video Type

The type of videos plays a significant role in increasing the price of the digital content you are watching. For instance, if the audience likes animated digital content, the creators will have to hire professionals with excellent skills.

If audiences are into cinematic digital content, the creators would need to invest in actors. Either way, investment is high.

2. Crew

To run a production house, you need a crew – It’s a no-brainer!

That means they will have a salary. Of course, the salary will depend on their expertise. But still, they add to the cost of creating high-quality digital content.

3. Pre-Production

Most people do not realize that pre-production involves a substantial proportion of investment. 

Things like –

  • Scheduling shoots.
  • Scouting location.
  • Gaining permits.
  • Scriptwriting.

– Can significantly increase the cost of digital content you watch.

In addition, with the changes in requirements, there can also be shifts in the time taken to create digital content.

4. Actors

Today’s digital content has become more professional. People are not just making digital content; they make it with a purpose. That means the people you see in the content are not just random people; they are professional actors.

Today, professional hosts and actors are used in the video to reach a larger pool of audiences. 

5. Equipment

Needless to say, film production equipment is expensive.

Based on the type of online content you are creating, you may need fairly extensive equipment like – Microphones, cameras, stands, handles, and more.

Do not forget the studio. It in itself is a huge investment. All these costs can collectively make the digital content expensive.

6. Time

Factoring the daily rates of actors and crew, the total cost of the products will depend on how long it lasts. With longer digital content, you can expect the cost to be higher.

By the time it reaches normal audiences, it is already expensive enough.

7. Post Production

Once the production is completed, there are a lot of things that go into post-production. Editing, Grading, Coloring, and adding motion graphics are just the basics of it.

Digital Content: Quality Over Quantity!

Creating digital content has become as easy as breathing. You just need a decent smartphone and internet connection. 

With the countless low-quality digital content inundating the internet, people are looking for high-quality content. 

The more people are looking for high-quality content, the more expensive digital content is becoming.

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