Have you heard about the headless content management system? You have probably heard about this latest technology, but you know nothing beyond the name. Headless CMS is a great step in the right direction concerning content management. For a start, a headless CMS will make your content management simpler, especially if you want to share your marketing content on multiple channels. It will help you overcome the challenges associated with traditional CMS, which puts everything (content and code) in one bucket, making it difficult to re-share content. Today’s content cuts across several channels and devices. As such, you would want a technology that makes it easier to re-use content and enhance your content management experience. Thankfully, Kontent by Kentico provides headless CMS that allows you to manage content easily on multiple channels and devices.  

If you want to learn more about headless CMS, we will tell you about it in the following sections. You can also read our detailed headless CMS guide for more information on this technology.  

What is a headless CMS? 

Generally, a headless CMS is a backend-only CMS that separates the data storage layer from the presentation layer. A headless content management system acts as a database or repository for data storage. Unlike the traditional CMS, the headless content management system does not provide a presentational layer, the head of a CMS. The headless CMS is driven by an API. It makes marketing content accessible through APIs such as GraphQL and ESTful in JSON format. As a result, content is delivered to your given audience through your favored device or channel.  

Now that you have an idea of what a headless CMS is let’s tell you why you should use it.  

Benefits of Kontent headless CMS  

Kontent by Kentico headless CMS provides several advantages that conventional CMS does not. Following are the top benefits of a headless CMS. 

#1: Supports a multichannel approach 

The leading benefit of using headless CMS is that it supports sharing of data via several channels and devices. You need this type of CMS because we live in an omnichannel environment. The content you develop for your website should also be shared on apps, newsletters, and integration, among other channels. However, managing duplicate copies of your content for multiple channels is a nightmare! A headless CMS lets you make updates in a centralized location and effect the updates to all places it matters. Kontent offers the best headless CMS that allows you to easily update, manage, edit, and publish content from a centralized place and share changes in various channels.  

#2: Ease of use 

Given that content and code are separated in a headless CMS, it becomes easier for editors to manage content. Additionally, headless CMS enables developers to employ the latest tools and frameworks to actualize users’ experience on all the latest platforms. As such, you won’t be locked into the restrictions of a given content management system.  

#3: Reduced development time 

Content headless CMS is flexible and agile, enabling you to begin working on your website and utilize applications instantly. It becomes easier to control, incorporate, and share content delivered via APSIs. This reduces the amount of time it takes to create content-driven content. Additionally, you don’t have to wait for your new content to be published before adding it.  

#4: Better security  

Headless CMS has restricted connection to open servers or databases. This presents a limited opportunity for malicious attacks. With the headless system, you can host your repository in a highly secure environment and export your content only when establishing the final pages.  

#5: No maintenance costs 

Maintenance costs of Kontent headless CMS are low. Headless CMS offers a cloud-based content management solution. Therefore, you will not have to worry about database clusters management and scaling global infrastructures.  

Get top headless CMS from Kontent by Kentico 

Now that you have learned about the headless CMS and its advantages, head to Kontent by Kentico for the best headless CMS. Content offers you a great approach to managing your content in different channels.  

For more information, please check our headless CMS guide.