Floods are taking the world by storm. Nearly 1.5 billion people are facing flood risks, including millions of people in the United States.

You should expect your home to flood at some point in your life. But you’re not helpless. If you know what to do if your house floods, you can get ready and save your own life. 

What must you do once your home fills with water? When should you leave your home? Who should you turn to for help after your house floods?

Answer these questions and you can fight back against flooding in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Turn off the Home’s Water Supply

The less water there is in your home, the less your home can flood. Whether your home is filled with stormwater or water from a broken pipe, you should shut the water off in your home.

Your main shutoff valve may be anywhere in your home. Most people have valves in their basements, but you may have yours in a closet or attic.


You should only turn off your water if it is safe to do so. Do not go into your home if you hear it is flooded, as you risk drowning or hurting yourself. 

If you are in your home while a flood starts, you should try to leave. Get out through a back door or window and then move to higher ground. 

If the area outside your home is flooded, you should try to get to the upper floor of your house. You can also climb out on your roof, which will make it easy for first responders to see you.

Get Help

A house flooding presents several dangers. Your foundation may be damaged, and your home may collapse in on itself. Items in your home may have fallen over, and you can trip or cut yourself on them.

You should not return to your home until it is safe for you to do so. When you go home, you should go with someone else, ideally a first responder or repair technician. 

You can make minor repairs yourself. If a flood-damaged your garden, you can remove dead plants and repave your walkways.

But you should ask a flood repair company to go into your home and make repairs to your foundation and walls. You should also contact your flood insurance company and get flood coverage for all damages. Lloyd’s of London insurance is available to American and English homeowners alike.

Know What to Do if Your House Floods

Knowing what to do if your house floods can make the difference between life and death. If it is safe to do so, you should turn off the home’s water supply. 

As soon as you turn it off, you need to leave. Even a small flood can sweep you off your feet and drown you.

You should stay out until a first responder gives you the all-clear to return. You should then hire a repair company to fix your property. 

Floods are just one natural disaster you may confront. Read more guides to natural disasters by following our coverage.