If one of your family members or friends is going through Confirmation, it can be an exciting time. After all, the Confirmation ceremony is one of the sacraments where someone is truly choosing to be in the church; rather than just going because of their parent’s wishes. As such, it’s an important milestone in anybody’s faith journey; as it is when they are taking ownership of their beliefs. Obviously, commemorating this kind of event is critical, but it can be tricky to shop for a religious occasion. Here are a few different gift ideas to think about when it comes to shopping for your recently confirmed family member or friend.

A Thoughtful Rosary is Never a Bad Idea.

Obviously, some of the best Confirmation gift ideas involve religious objects. To commemorate the gift recipient’s commitment to their faith on a personal level; a tool for personal prayer and reflection such as a rosary can be a great idea. Rosaries come in a variety of colors, textures, sizes, and finishes. This makes them an ideal gift for the recipient; as they can be personalized and aren’t a one-size-fits-all sort of gift. That being said, a rosary also offers a serious way to approach prayer; whether your newly-confirmed friend or family member plans on praying the rosary as part of penance or just as a nightly routine.

Take Their Religious Studies to The Next Level With Some Technology.

Another great option if you’re hard-press for Confirmation gift ideas is to give them something to help them continue their journey in faith. Like First Communion, the sacrament of Confirmation is a momentous occasion; but just because someone has been going to Confirmation class doesn’t mean that their studies are over. As such, it’s not a bad idea to help them take their religious studies to the next level with something like a tablet. A tablet is a perfect gift for someone in high school completing Confirmation class; as it offers a better way to read about scripture and engage with other aspects of religion with nothing else but a wi-fi connection and a tablet. Tablets can also store religious podcasts and Christian rock music; be used to view inspirational sermons and TED talks.

If you’re worried about the expense of a tablet but still want to give this great gift to a young man or woman; it might be worth looking for a refurbished tablet for sale. A refurbished tablet will still have the GB of storage and other features of a regular tablet; however, a refurbished tablet is a previously owned tablet that has since been fixed up and inspect to be in full working order. Some online websites will even offer one or two-day delivery on refurbished electronics; so if you’re a Confirmation sponsor looking for a unique Confirmation gift who’s running out of time, a refurbished tablet is a great option.

You Can Always Give Them a Gift Card.

Shopping for the perfect Confirmation gift can be difficult; no matter if you’re the Confirmation sponsor, godparent, mother, sibling, or cousin. As such, it’s totally acceptable to just give them a gift card. After all, who knows better what the perfect Confirmation gift is than the Confirmation candidate themself? Even though gifting somebody a gift card can feel like a bit of a cop-out, in actuality, a gift card can still be a unique confirmation gift due to the variety of options available. If the Confirmation candidate you’re shopping for likes to eat, you can go with a restaurant gift card; but if they’re a fan of a different activity such as bowling or laser tag, a gift card to their favorite spot makes just as much sense.

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