White glove delivery service has become a trending buzzword for people involved in logistics and transportation. The white glove attitude sets this delivery service distinct from the rest of the logistics services. 

Individuals and businesses globally prefer the white glove delivery service to ship or receive the utmost sensitive products that need specialized care during the setup, processing, transit, and delivery. This service is available only for special packages and often offers additional optional add-on services like installation, automatic shipments, assembly of the products, etc. 

White glove delivery service may sound similar to the on board courier. While an onboard courier also offers similar delivery services to the packages in transit, the white glove delivery service gives the clients extra assurance of safety and security to the shipment. The shipment assigned under the white-glove service receives tailored human touch. 

Special services/features offered in a White Glove Delivery Service.

The term “White Glove” gives off the sense of specialized aspects. Likewise, the white glove services provide the shipment with special attention, care, and service. It is a delivery service method of shipping and receiving products that demand significant attention than the standard shipments due to their fragility, size, and value. 

The personnel providing the white glove delivery service are highly-trained experts with all-around ability and skills to assemble products and on-site installation using special equipment as needed. 

Logistics companies offering the white glove delivery service may not be available worldwide. However, you can expect to receive some standard white glove services that might vary with the company. 

Delicate handling

Specific individuals and businesses choose to take up the white glove delivery service due to the top-level care executed by the white-glove experts. They provide delicate handling of the package throughout the shipment journey, from its packaging to shipping to delivery and setup. The experts assigned for the white-glove service are specially trained to handle any product depending on the needs and considerations demanded by the shipment at hand. 

Attentive service 

You might think that hand carry services too offer a similar delivery service to the package. It’s right for you to compare them. However, although a time-critical service, white glove delivery service provides a higher level of assurance to the customers for their shipment. Since the white-glove experts are trained, you can be assured of your package’s safety and timely delivery without any minute harm to it. Moreover, the white glove delivery service provider or company is readily available to answer your shipment-related concerns. 

Protective packaging 

White glove delivery service follows a high-standard quality service to your sensitive packages. Suppose the sender does not already package your shipment. In that case, the white-glove experts will tentatively use high-standard premium packaging materials like cardboard, wooden crates, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, movers wrap, styrofoam, and many more. These packaging materials will keep your package protected against any external harm. They also take extra care not to damage the shipment during transportation. 

Product assembling and dismantling 

Depending on the package that turns up for shipping or delivery, the white glove delivery service provider decides if the product requires assembling before transport or dismantling. But, you have to inform the white-glove professionals about the need for assembling or dismantling before they unload the package at its destination. 

You can also have your product replaced with the new if necessary. So you see, hand-carry services do not offer the option of product assembling and dismantling to their customers. 


Another unique feature or service offered in a white glove delivery service is that they provide inspections. Suppose you choose to have the product assembled or dismantled at its destination in your shipment. In that case, the white-glove experts offer to inspect the location or site if the setup requires unique configurations. 

Safe and secure transportation 

Many delivery services claim to offer safe and secure delivery of your shipment. However, the white glove delivery service’s safety, cleanliness, and security during transportation are like no other. For the successful operation of a package in a white glove delivery service, the trained professionals use safe shipping modes/vehicles and a clean dispatch process. 

Product categories that benefit from White Glove Delivery Service 

Businesses and individuals that deal with highly fragile, perishable, and high-value shipments often choose white glove delivery service. Other than that, different industrial sectors benefit from the high-standard white glove delivery service. Below is a list of those ideal products. 

  • Electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer accessories, professional-grade cameras, etc. 
  • Laboratory and medical equipment like ultrasound machines, surgery tools, lab specimen refrigerators, biotechnology devices, MRI equipment, lab glassware, etc. 
  • Specific home appliances
  • Aviation
  • Retail and Ecommerce

All that being mentioned, to avail the benefits of a white glove delivery service, you must have an ideal product for shipment. Also, find an experienced and credible company. 

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