One of the most important decisions while buying any jewelry is deciding its metal. When it comes to gold, we usually associate it with the traditional yellow gold and often think of white and rose gold as new trends. But did you know that both these became popular in the 1920s and have been around since then? 

So, what are these different ‘types of gold, and which one should you buy? 

We have decoded all these metals for you and by the time you are finished reading this, you will understand everything that you need to know about the three gold types.

  • Colour and content: When extracted, gold traditionally has a yellow colour. But since pure gold is too delicate to be used, it is combined with other metals to make it stronger. Yellow gold is mixed with copper and silver to give it its warm and classic hue. White gold is combined with either silver or palladium, which gives it a cool silvery colour. It is also mixed with zinc, copper, and nickel. And rose gold, as is evident from its reddish rose-like colour, is mixed mainly with copper. 
  • Significance: Yellow gold, since time immemorial, has been associated with class, love, warmth, and grandeur. The preferred metal for engagement rings and wedding jewellery, it stands for lifelong commitment and love. Rose gold, also known as red or pink gold, is considered to be more feminine due to its lush pinkish hue. White gold comes the closest to platinum and is loved for its cool moonshine-like sheen. It stands for purity, positivity, and strength.  
  • Durability: If you lead an active lifestyle, you need to select jewellery that can withstand daily usage. When it comes to durability, rose and white gold are the sturdier options. This is because they have a higher component of added metals. These additions not only make them stronger but also add sheen to them. Yellow gold, on the other hand, has a higher percentage of the base metal making it more prone to dents and scratches. 
  • Maintenance: Due to it being prone to damages, yellow gold jewellery needs the most maintenance. Whether they are your favourite earrings or fancy bracelets for girls in gold, you will need to get them buffed and polished regularly. Your white gold jewellery may need regular checks and a fresh coat of plating to help maintain its silvery sheen. Rose gold is the easiest to maintain. With its copper content, it is not only stronger but less prone to scratches.
  • Investment option: Higher the karatage, the more valuable will be the metal. Since yellow gold has a higher gold content, it is a better investment than buying rose or white gold. For people who want to invest in the future must buy 24kt gold coins.  
  • Gemstone pairing: Each type of gold due to its distinct colour goes well with a certain colour of gemstones. Gemstones that have cooler colour tones such as sapphire and tanzanite, etc. pair well with the whiter sheen of white gold. Warmer coloured gemstones such as rubies, topaz, and morganite go well with the richer colours of rose and yellow gold.

In the end, it’s your sense of style that usually determines the type of gold that you can finally settle for. If you lean towards a uniquely vintage look, go for yellow gold. If your choice is more contemporary, chances are high that you will choose white or rose gold. As for other things, this brief guide just made the choice all the easier for you.