Are you looking to brew beer most effectively?

You probably want to know about something called a conical fermenter, then. But what exactly is this device?

How does it work? What are the advantages of using one?

This article will answer all of these questions for you so that you can get back to making your beer the right way. Let’s get brewing!

What Is a Conical Fermenter?

A conical fermenter is a type of fermentation device used for brewing beer. It is usually constructed of stainless steel.

As the name suggests, it is distinct from other fermenters because of its conical shape. The cone shape of the device is inverted so that the pointy end is facing down to the ground and the fatter section is at the top.

Usually, it’s not a perfect cone. The device becomes cylindrical towards the top. 

Conical fermenters are popular for both homebrewers as well as commercial brewers. As we will now see, it has the advantage of simplifying the brewing process, which is probably one reason it is so popular.

Why Shape Matters

The shape of conical fermenters allows for brewers to siphon the brew out easily through gravity. At the same time, yeast can also be lifted from the top of the vessel without disturbing any of the brews. 

All in all, making these two processes easier can make beer brewing faster and easier. The shape does matter!

Why Use a Conical Fermenter?

There are many reasons to use a conical fermenter, but the most important one is that this type of device allows brewers to simplify their production process.

Compared to other brewing systems, the conical fermenter is unique because it allows for the fermentation process and the aging process to occur in the same vessel. 

This means that there is no need to siphon the brew from a primary vessel to a secondary one.

There are some related benefits of keeping the beer secure inside a single vessel:

  • Brewers can reuse the yeast left in the vessel after the brewing process is finished
  • It is easier to keep the vessel clean
  • There is less chance of rust occurring inside the tank

One last benefit of conical fermenters is that they are often perceived to create tastier beer. A lot of this has to do with the fact that the brew remains uncontaminated, and also that there is nowhere for the flavor to escape during the brewing process.

Brew Your Own Way

Is a conical fermenter right for you?

Well, the only person that can really answer that question is you. You need to decide based on your existing brewing setup, your level of brewing experience, and the type of beer you are looking to make. 

Once you work those things out, you are ready to choose a fermenter and to get brewing!

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