A virtual private network or VPN for short has become a necessity for anyone with an internet connection. It has allowed many people to remain anonymous online, and save their personal information from prying eyes. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you may want to use a VPN. 

What is a VPN?

A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between you and a remote server operated by a certain VPN service when switched on. All your web traffic is steered through this particular passage, so the information can be gotten from any inquisitive eyes during your time spent on the web. Because your internet traffic is exiting through the VPN server, your actual IP address remains hidden, thus masking your identity and location. There are some specific examples that best reflect how valuable VPN is. For example, public Wi-Fi networks, even though they are quite useful, are not private and anyone could be watching the traffic on that network. If you connect to that same public Wi-Fi using a VPN you can be safe knowing that no one on that network can see what you are doing, and all of your information will remain safe. Furthermore, it can protect you from false public Wi-Fi networks that can steal all your personal information. 

Privacy from your internet service provider

Being connected to a public Wi-Fi network can be pretty risky, which is why we’ve discussed the importance of having a VPN to protect the users’ information and data. However, even home Wi-Fis can pose a threat of being attacked by strangers alongside public connection. The data is still very vulnerable. A little known fact is that your internet service provider or ISP for short can access all your internet data. The same goes for any other company for which you pay for Wi-Fi each month. In addition to this, your ISP can see where, when, and how you browse the internet. This data can be collected and can be sold to different advertisers. 2002 matter if you’re browsing in private tabs,  this amount of data can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A VPN can also help obscure your IP address from your internet service provider, protecting you from this kind of data exploitation.

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It keeps you anonymous

Another very important reason why people choose to use a VPN is that it preserves and respects your online anonymity. A great thing about VPN is that it allows its users to explore the internet from various servers all in different locations. This way your location remains anonymous as well as the host site because the internet traffic is directed to and from the server. For instance, you can use a VPN for DDoS protection to ensure that your business IP address won’t get disclosed. Anonymity can also help protect you against different cyber-attacks because no one will be able to trace your information using your details.  The best VPN services will also protect you even if you land on a malicious site. Nowadays people are starting to realize the importance of having online anonymity which is why many different VPN providers promise to give their users complete anonymity. Some provide their services for free, while others charge a usually very low monthly or yearly fee. In any case, it might be a worthy investment if you want to protect yourself.

Online gaming

Aside from browsing safety and anonymity, there are some other reasons why you might want to use a VPN. Playing an online game is one of these reasons even though it may seem like a poor idea initially.  Playing video games online for starters has the main advantage of anonymity, which can help keep your account credentials which usually have credit card information safe and secure.  In addition to this, a VPN can be used to overcome certain geo-blocking restrictions. Furthermore in some cases using VPN services will also offer a faster connection speed because it avoids throttling and it would also allow players to connect to a gaming server much faster. Finally, VPN can also protect you from certain kinds of attacks during online gameplay which is uncommon but they still do happen when some players decide to target your connection to distract you from the game by bogging it down and making your internet connection lag.

Having the right VPN service provider can help with saving the users’ online anonymity, to protect their data from being a part of a statistic that can be sold. Furthermore, a VPN can help to protect the users’ personal information such as social security numbers, credit card information, and many others. Ultimately, it can help protect online gamers from malicious attacks.

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