Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting has become the most opted web hosting solution nowadays because of its affordability, reliability, scalability, security, and flexibility. Thus, it is best for small to medium-size businesses, SaaS providers, gaming developers, programmers, big organizations, etc. Further, every user gets complete server access and freedom to install the custom applications with the VPS Vietnam Hosting from a reliable web host provider – Wisesolution. 

In this guide, we let you know how a VPS is best for you and what exclusive benefits and features you can employ with the company’s VPS Vietnam Hosting plan. Let’s get started!

What is VPS Hosting? 

VPS(Virtual Private Server) is a web hosting that gives you web space for your website hosting. It is best for hosting small to medium size business websites. Further, it provides you high-caliber resources that give you more efficiency and flexibility for your website. Since VPS Vietnam belongs to virtualization technology, it mimics the hosting environment of a Dedicated Server. This means each virtual server completely works as a physical server. Further, it is categorized into two broad categories, namely: Windows VPS and Linux VPS, that we discuss briefly. 

Types of VPS Hosting 

  1. Managed VPS Hosting

It is a Virtual Private Server that the web host provider ultimately manages and sets you free from the stress, hindrances, and hurdles that come during your hosting. Mostly, the users who want to get away from such issues and do not have enough technical skills opt for the managed VPS Vietnam Hosting. Further, all the technical responsibilities, upgrades, hosting setup are governed by the web host. Let’s see how this hosting is beneficial for you.

Pros of Managed VPS Hosting

  • It saves you valuable time and money.
  • You won’t need an IT expert.
  • Your server is highly secure and up to date.
  • Ensure fast and efficient working.
  1. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Vietnam is also popular with the name of a Self Managed VPS hosting. In this hosting, you get the complete accessibility of your server. This means full ownership is in your hands. You can manage all the configurations, settings, and much more for the better functioning of a server. Therefore, let’s take a look at the reliable benefits of choosing these unmanaged plans for your hosting. 

Pros of Unmanaged VPS

  • It saves your overall server costing
  • You get more control over your server.

After reviewing the fundamentals of VPS Vietnam Hosting, it’s time to know about a reliable web host from where you buy the VPS hosting. So, let’s dive into the depth of the Wisesolution to know whether or not it is better for your business. 

About Wisesolution 

Wisesolution is a leading and fastest-growing web hosting provider that was established in 2010. It provides various web hosting services such as Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and a Dedicated server. Since the company caters its world-class web hosting services to potential customers across the globe. Along with hosting, they provide services that include optimal performance, highest speed, reliable uptime, independent hosting platform, consistent support, and much more. It has received various awards for proffering these enterprise grade services. So, you can employ these services by purchasing the VPS Vietnam plans at an affordable price. 

Features of Wisesolution VPS hosting Vietnam 

  • Operating System

VPS Vietnam Server provides you different services for VPS Linux Vietnam and VPS Windows Vietnam Hosting. So, you are free to pick any reliable option that matches your business operations. 

  • Server Security

Data Security of Vietnam VPS Hosting is defined for data management, storage, retrieval, and visitor management. This means VPS secures all the data stored on your server and protects the information gathered by the visitor’s visit. 

  • Technical Specificity

VPS Vietnam Hosting ensures robust technical specifications that include the RAM, disk space, bandwidth, control panel, CPU, uptime, and backup features. Also, it gives you the capability to handle the heavy traffic on your websites. 

  • Plan, Price, and Affordability

VPS Hosting Vietnam plans are quite expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than the dedicated server. So, you can easily employ the benefits of dedicated power and intense resources with it for your website. Many web hosts provide different plans, but choosing the right plans by paying a little high amount would not affect your income, but it helps you maximize your ROI.

  • Solid State Drives

You need huge storage to store the high quality data for your website. With VPS Hosting Vietnam, you get the high Solid State Drives. So, you can choose the SSD instead of the HDD that improves your website performance and speed. 

  • Control Panel options

You get the flexibility to choose your control panel for your website from the Plesk panel and Cpanel. With both the control panels, you get plenty of options that you can employ for making configurations.

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Benefits of buying Wisesolution VPS Server Vietnam 

Every web hosting has some pros and cons where each hosting is configured to meet the website requirements. Mostly, a VPS Vietnam Hosting offers you a bundle of benefits to hosting a site in comparison to its disadvantages. However, some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. Root Access

To employ the benefits of getting entire administrative control in your hands when launching a website on an online platform, it’s crucial to go with the right web hosting. Therefore, investing in VPA Vietnam is completely worth going because it gives you root access. So, you can make server configurations, necessary changes, modifications over your server. 

  1. Good Neighbourhood

As you know, in shared hosting, if one neighboring site gets affected by any means, it also affects your site performance, speed, and SEO ranking. Whereas you can avoid this situation by hosting your site on a VPS Server in Vietnam. It gives you an independent hosting platform in which not a single neighboring site affects your site. 

  1. Security

Since VPS Vietnam Hosting gives you an independent hosting platform, dedicated resources ensure less vulnerability to uptime issues caused by suspicious and malicious codes. In addition, it provides you end to end data encryption, DDoS protection, Malware Scans & Removals, etc., that protect your data from all kinds of vulnerabilities. 

  1. Flexibility

With the VPS Vietnam Hosting, you get better control, consistent technical support, and high availability of resources. This means you do not have to compromise with the resources. You get the flexibility to utilize them for your website. 

  1. Lower Cost than a Dedicated Server

When it comes to the cost, then it’s better to make a massive investment to Buy VPS Vietnam Server instead of spending a lot of money on a dedicated server. However, it comes with all the exclusive resources that you need for your site at an affordable price. 

  1. Reliable Performance

You get the dedicated bandwidth and high storage that you won’t have to share with other sites. This ensures the reliable, optimal, and super-fast performance of your site.

  1. Customization

With the VPS Vietnam Hosting, you are free to customize your resources such as Random Access Memory, bandwidth, Storage needs, and much more. Moreover, there is no limitation on it like a shared server. 

All these benefits are exclusively reliable that you can employ if you buy the VPS Vietnam Hosting by the Wisesolution. This is because the company provides you all the listed benefits and exclusive features at an affordable price.

Plans and prices 

The Company Wisesolution provides Cheap VPS Hosting Vietnam plans and packages inclusive of all enterprise grade services. All their plans, such as Windows and Linux VPS Vietnam Hosting, are highly customizable. So, you can review and select the appropriate one for you.

wisesolution vps vietnam pricing plan

Customer Reviews 

Review the valuable customers’ Viewpoint for the Wisesolution. So, it would be easy for you to buy VPS Hosting Vietnam plans for your website. 

Wisesolution Customer Reviews


Wisesolution‘s VPS Vietnam Hosting is the one-stop solution for your website as it gives you more enhanced resources, power, and dedicated resources like a dedicated server. Therefore, you should buy the Cheap VPS Hosting Vietnam plans to employ all the industry-leading services and 24*7 consistent support at an affordable price by the wisesolution.

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