If you are a business analyst, project manager, consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur you know how important it is to pitch your business and win new clients. Thus, the first impression of your business proposal email is very important. 

What is a Business Proposal Email?

A business proposal email is a marketing and sales tool used by business and marketing professionals to sell a product or service to a potential customer. It needs to be written in a professional manner that is persuasive and convincing, and it needs to be tailored to each potential customer. Also, it is a way to introduce yourself and your company to a new client and leave them wanting to work with you. Your email needs to be concise, engaging, and compelling. So, a well-written business proposal is essential for any business looking to turn an idea into a business reality. You’ll also want to ensure your proposal is clear, precise, and easy to follow, so take the time to proofread it thoroughly. When structuring your proposal, the order in which the information is presented is important, so ensure that you begin with an introduction that captures your audience’s attention. What do you need to write in order to get the attention of your dream client? Below you will find important tips on how to write a business proposal email that is effective, professional, and gets you many clients.


The main purpose of a business proposal email is to convince the reader to take some sort of action. The action may be to sign up for a service, purchase a product, or give you money for your idea. Simply stated, your email should contain information that will convince the reader that the proposal is beneficial and worth their time and money. The purpose of your email should be clear from the subject line, but it’s also a good idea to state explicitly at the beginning of the email what the purpose of the communication is. For example, you might say, “I am writing to request a meeting to discuss a new distribution arrangement”. 


One of the most important things to remember when writing a business proposal email is that you want to sound professional and knowledgeable, but not like you’re reading from a script. The more generic your proposal, the more likely it is to sound like something you copied and pasted from a template. As such, try not to use any boilerplate language or any phrases that come off as rote. Instead, individualize your business proposal email by making it clear that this is a response to a particular inquiry and is specifically. 

When pitching new clients, it’s important to take your time and craft the right words and structure for your business proposal email. Whether you’re writing the email yourself or delegating the task to a virtual assistant or intern, there are a few steps to follow to ensure that your business proposal is received in the best possible way. The purpose of a business proposal is to get others to work with you, buy your product, or make a decision. In general, a business proposal email should have no more than four sections: subject, body, solution, and details. 

The Subject 

This is the first section of the proposal email and it should always explain the product or service that is being offered. It should also explain why it is such a valuable product or service. Some people call this section the problem. It should contain an introductory paragraph with the author’s identification, date of writing, and the name of the recipient. It should be written in the first person and should include your contact information (name, email, telephone number, and website) as well. It should be followed by a statement of the purpose of the email. Ensure that you include relevant details in this section. The subject line of a business proposal email should be written in a manner to grab attention and describe the proposal. This paragraph is a good place to establish a relationship with the reader by explaining why you are contacting them and how and why you came to choose them. This section of the business proposal is also a good place to let the reader know how they will benefit from collaborating with you.


The second section is called the body and contains the proposal itself. The body should contain the following three sections: the problem statement, the recommendation, and the solution. This will help your reader to understand your point of view and make the decision to invest in your business. This is the section that actually describes the opportunity. It should be a clear and concise description of what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. The reader should be able to read the body without having to look back at any other section. This section should include a brief history of your business and how you arrived at this point, the opportunity you have identified, the plan for pursuing that opportunity, and the benefits of that plan.


This part of the business proposal email gives a clear picture of how you will make a profit from the investment. The solution section of your business proposal email should detail the solution you are proposing. The solution might be a product, a service, or an arrangement. For example, “I propose a new distribution arrangement.  You will get access to products that are currently out of stock. I can offer you access to these products at a discount of 20% off the list price”. This is the section where you describe exactly how you are going to solve the problem identified by the person you are contacting. It should include detailed information about the solution, such as pricing and terms, and how it is better than what is currently available.


The details of your business proposal should include a summary of your product or service, pricing, and other relevant information. You can say something like, “My company, ABC Inc., provides an online platform for people to find and share information about their communities. Our platform allows people to generate revenue by sharing their insights with other users. You should also include a bulleted list of your key differentiators. 

Additional Tips

You should include a marketing plan in your business proposal email. You could write something like, ‘In order to increase sales, we’re planning to run a marketing campaign targeting our most profitable customers. This will involve creating a series of ads tailored to their needs, and placing them on the websites they visit most often.

The marketing plan portion of your business proposal should describe how you will reach your target audience. The marketing plan or marketing strategy is one of the most important sections of the business proposal.

Final Thoughts 

A cleverly written business proposal email will guarantee chances to find a credible partner and launch a profitable business. Today’s technologies allow running a business using the most reliable and secure platforms for monitoring financial workflows like example pay stub generators, invoice generators, and much more.  

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