Kids who love games have definitely come across many Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) games. PBS kids channel is a brand that caters to kids’ programming and the target audience is between ages 2 and 8. PBS kids have interesting and interacting games that many kids will love to play. Kids can take an adventure with the cyber chase, Wild kratts, Daniel Tiger, Jet Bot, the cat, play sciences, and other exciting and fun games.

These games go beyond just having fun but can help kids to build their skills in science, engineering, math as well as creativity as they play diverse games. We have taken out time to intimate you on 10 interesting and interactive games to keep kids having long hours of fun and learning at the same time. 

  1. Wild Kratts  game

 Is your kid a little adventurer? You can help him or her unleash the adventurous spirit in the wild kratts rescue run game. They can partner with the popular characters, wild kratts to join the rescue team. Kids have to go through the 24 levels in the game to rescue 34 animals before the end of the game. There is an option to adjust the speed at which the characters run which makes it suitable to be played by all ages. The game serves as a word bank and learning of facts in the creaturepedia after each animal is rescued.

  1. Animal Home builder

 This is a PBS game designed for animal lovers and builders. There are kids who love building or assembling things and also love different kinds of animals which makes this game perfect for them.  So, it is a great chance to help the popularly known characters; George and Arthur build houses for the animals such as the dogs, birds, cats, rabbits, and so on. This is an interesting game because kids can join the famous character, Arthur, to develop unique houses for the animals which could be a dog/ cat condo, rabbit cage, and so on. They are allowed to select the pattern and the colors to be combined for the homes of the animals. 

This game teaches kids how to read and follow directions, use their imaginative and creative abilities and also refine their motor skills. It is a game that can keep them engaged for a long period of time. 

  1. Duck Dash

 This is another interesting and interactive PBS game that derives inspiration from “Cyberchase” and it is a classically styled one that provides endless fun for kids. This is a chance for kids to participate with cyber ducks who are migrating to their winter house. This game is good for developing kids’ math skills. The game has different features as well as settings that enable the players to control the ducks and change the directions of movements to the perfect spot.  There is no second chance given in the game which makes each player calculative in order not to allow the duck to fall off its path. 

  1. Doctor Daniel

 This doctor game is from the famous PBS series titled, Daniel Tiger Neighborhood in which the main character, Daniel as a doctor carries around instruments. Many kids are terrified of visiting the hospital or seeing a doctor. This is a game that can help kids overcome phobias.  It isn’t a complex game but a simple game that can enable kids to familiarize themselves with doctors and the tools used such as stethoscope, otoscope, gloves, etc. with this game, kids don’t need to be scared but have fun knowing about how doctors can help them during their checkups and the many instruments that are used by a doctor. Also, kids who are fascinated by the profession could use this game to know more. 

  1. Pinkamagical Fairy House

 This Fairy coloring game is from the famous PBS series titled Pinkalicious and Peterrific in which kids can help pinkalicious and peter build their beautiful fairyland house. The house is to be designed using resources from nature and the selected colors, decorations, and shapes will excite the fairy. This PBS game is an interesting one to help kids use their imaginative capabilities and creativity to design a well-structured and beautiful fairy house. This will also strengthen their critical thinking and decision-making abilities based on the materials available to them. Each house designed must be based on each fairy’s unique taste or the houses designed could interest any of the fairies to show up. 

  1. The Cat in the Hat Builds

 This is an awesome PBS game that will really keep kids busy for a long time.  This game is great for introducing STEM or science inquiry and engineering simple concepts to pre-k. There are three sub-games namely; Slide-ma-zoo, Bridge-a-Rama, and others that will enable kids to learn measurements, improve their organizing skills and learn simple concepts in the subject of physics.  The game is interesting and exciting as each stage is embedded with rewards that can be used for customization and decorations.

  1. Jet’s Bot Builder

Many kids are fascinated with robotic games and the PBS series brings about the Jet’s Bot Builder helps kids to play a DIY robot as well as travel through the space in a jet alone or with friends. To navigate the obstacles, they must build new paths that can help them go from the earth to the moon.  This is a game for improving kids’ problem-solving skills, customizing robots, and learning to overcome challenges.  

  1. Curious Campout 

 This is the fourth game from the PBS Elinor Wonders Why. Which features characters such as; Elinor, olive, Ranger rabbit, and Ari. This game introduces kids to a camping lifestyle and helps them with all they need to know. Kids can set up the camp, observe nature and the surrounding environment, look around for surprises and open them in the game. This is a fun and interesting outdoorsy game for kids of all ages. 

  1. Xavier Hero Maker

  This is a PBS series game from the famous Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum in which a hero can be made by the player. This is a game that introduces kids to historical facts and figures and enables them to have fun as they learn about them. They can use the avatar creator to make their own hero and give it their own chosen name as well as make motivational quotes on the walls of the hero.  

  1. Search it up!

This is one of the most useful learning games that can help kids explore the tech world. This game exposes them to the cyber world with mini-games which include; learning about the internet, how to connect with friends, using passwords, preparing for school, responding to messages, sharing information and so many more.