Johnson Smith


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance from University of Southern California
  • Earned Project management professional Certification.

Expertise: Business, Event, Social


  • Excellent Communication and Writing Skills to engage with readers.
  • Have interest in exploring social media’s potential.
  • Creative enough to make sure content shared by me is not repetitive or boring and can think of innovative ways to stand apart from the millions of others writing Business, Event and on Social.
  • I have developed both quantitative and qualitative data analysis skills in order to understand the full picture and performance of social.
  • I can easily research and write strategic plans that help in achieving clients’ business goals and milestones.
  • I have an appetite for gathering information about the market and performance of the products and to use this information to analyze data based on the needs of customers and implement policies to fulfill their needs.


I have been working for the past 6 years as a Business Analyst. Over these years, I have gained in-depth knowledge and become a branding & marketing enthusiast. Now, I can write anything related to business or social and also can give advice on budget preparation and cost analysis.

Words from Johnson Smith:

My writings are magnetic or you can captivate enough that its likely readers are going to be motivated and inspired to click and read through the post.
My way of writing style is quite different as I first familiar myself with content sources and audience preferences and then, I write to create a steady flow of content.

Johnson Smith's Post
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