LEDs have the longest lifespans than any other lighting technology, making them durable.

Yet, durability is not the only advantage of this type of lights: they’re made with resistant materials; especially in comparison to glass bulbs, making them more sustainable (as there’s less need to buy a new one constantly).   

It’s easy to get caught up in all the benefits of buying these lights and forget about potential LED lighting mistakes.

With these tips below, you’ll learn how to avoid frequent LED lighting mistakes and turn your place into an efficient and thoughtfully designed environment. 

1. Industrial Style Lighting Is Outdated

Wrong. Industrial style lighting can be regarded as modern and stylish. Its simplicity and sturdy aesthetic appeal to those who want to incorporate these features into a more modern environment. 

There’s no doubt, industrial style lighting is striking and easy on the eye.

2. It Makes Places Look Like an Old Factory

First, LED lighting is versatile, suitable for many places (residences, work, stores, and more). Second, its sturdiness won’t make it look inappropriate to your preferred environment.

There are LED light designs for everyone’s taste. All you need is to make a choice based on preference and needs.  

If you want your place to look elegant, you may consider acquiring a suspended circular luminaire. Unquestionably, it’s suitable for offices, cafes and conference rooms. 

If you prefer a more relaxed aesthetic, then a pendant lighting design is for you. It’s modern, hip, and simple. Sometimes, less is more. 

3. Not Checking the Supplier

Ensure that when you decide to buy LED lights, you purchase from a store that guarantees the durability of your product. Also, always look for the safety ratings. 

It’s easy to find generic, low-quality products from unreliable suppliers, especially online. They may be cheaper, but unfortunately, these LED products have poorer quality and are more likely to fail quicker and cause overheating. 

To avoid this situation, look for the appropriate safety ratings and a guarantee of durability from a reputable LED light supplier.

4. Not Paying Attention to Light Distribution

If you’re trying LED for the first time, then consider how the light will be distributed. For example, it might be more concentrated than expected.

Yet, with the appropriate lighting arrangement and the use of diffusers, this problem is easily sorted. 

5. LED Lighting Setups Only Reduce Costs 

Led lights might be better for employees’ wellbeing. In contrast, exposure to fluorescent lights may trigger migraine symptoms in those with a predisposition. 

Addition, it may interfere with sleep patterns due to the fact it inhibits the production of melatonin. 

In conclusion, LED lights can usually be dimmed to match the season and the time of the day, which is a better choice for employees’ health. 

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Avoiding LED Lighting Mistakes

LED lights may be a bit more pricey upfront than fluorescent ones. However, if you think long-term, installing LED lights will help you save costs, whether in the workplace or your residence. 

The longer lifespan also makes it a more eco-friendly option. Enjoy all the benefits these products provide by avoiding these LED lighting mistakes. After all, LED lights are the present and the future. 

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