There are around 24,000 electrical fires per year, making the need for cooling your electronic control panels essential. If you’ve been putting off purchasing one because you don’t know what it does or how it helps, you’re in luck!

Not every cabinet cooler is made the same, but they do have essentially the same benefits.

Keep reading to learn the four benefits of using cabinet coolers to keep your electrical panel cool and controlled.

1. Easy to Use

For cabinet coolers to work, they need compressed air; that’s it! As long as the area is dry and clean, there’s no reason these vortex coolers can’t run for years to come.

They’re also thermostatically controlled, meaning they’ll be able to maintain the temperature within a specific range to keep them as safe as possible. If your cooler didn’t have this control, then you’d run the risk of the panel getting too hot without you realizing it.

In those instances, a fire can start. We don’t need to tell you how dangerous and disastrous electrical fires can be. 

2. Environmental Safe

It doesn’t matter where your panel is located in your building; it can expose harmful chemicals. That’s why a cabinet cooler that keeps the environment out of the panel will be your best friend.

No matter where a panel is located in your plant and what it might be exposed to, EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems will keep the environment out of that panel. Be sure to consider the type of panel you have and what your business does before purchasing the cooler to ensure it will handle it.

3. Reliable Protection

The reason cabinet coolers are the best at keeping electronic panels cool is because they have zero moving parts. Since noting on it moves, there’s nothing to break. There are no filters, coils, or electric motors that need to be maintained.

Also, the air comes from the compressed air supply. This means it’s cleaned and filtered, and you don’t have to worry about dust or other contaminants in it. Since there’s no filter on the cooler, it also means you never have to change the filter. 

4. Won’t Be Damaged by Vibration

If you work in a shaky environment or somewhere there’s a lot of machines, you should know that the cooler won’t be affected by vibrations. Work hard with peace of mind knowing your cooler will always keep your electrical panel safe.

Enjoy the Benefits of Cabinet Coolers Today!

Now that you know cabinet coolers are easy to maintain and offer you reliable protection, it’s time to get yours today! Remember to check out the specifications of your control panel and the cooler to ensure they’re compatible before purchasing and installing.

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