NFT is not only art and trading cards, you might be surprised, but the industry where NFT performs best and where many investors see the greatest liquidity is gaming!

Every week you hear that one of the major NFT companies is buying a game development studio or some new studio is raising seed rounds by millions of dollars.

You may ask why the gaming industry is so into NFT, what’s the catch?

In fact, the answer lies on the surface, many gamers will understand what will be discussed next.

In normal games, in-game items do not belong to the player himself. From a legal and financial point of view, buying an item from a game developer or the so-called “donate” is more like renting a game item. Why rent? Because the items themselves are locked in one game, the ownership is complete with the developer, he can ban your account and all your items are no longer yours. Attributes, usability, the number of items, and of course their price, all this is decided by the game developer.

Many gamers see this as a problem, so every day there are more and more players who play NFT games. At the moment, the top 10 NFT games are played by more than a million players every week.

At the moment the TOP1 NFT project is not the famous CryptoPunks or NBA TopShot from the NBA, but a Pokémon-inspired game where players grow monsters, the so-called “Axies”. Each of these monsters is an NFT. You can breed these monsters and get new NFTs, fight in PVP and PVE content, and much more.

Just two weeks ago, the total trading volume in Axie Infinity crossed 1 billion dollars, and now it is 1 billion and 700 million!

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The game follows the relatively new P2E, or “play to earn” concept in gaming. Whoever plays better earns more, just like from the movies about the gaming of the future!

Axie Infinity is the second generation of NFT games. Let’s take a look at how NFT gaming started, what it is now, and what the future holds. Our NFT game development company will tell you a little about NFT and gaming today.

Gods Unchained

Immutable has created a trading card game called Gods Unchained. This is a conflict between the gods, as the name implies. Using the cards in the game, players may get unique material values in return. Again, the more you play, the more you’ll be able to save. Game developers are trying to give the game as a service to consumers by delegating real assets to people who buy, sell, or earn these assets while playing it. It is when the game ceases to be a means of enjoyment that the land becomes mind. That is, when a logic other than that of enjoyment and competitiveness takes hold.

Stalker Case 2

In fact, gamers have criticized quite a few initiatives of this type, especially when the horizon is not very clear. For example, Quartz, Ubisoft’s blockchain-based platform, was buried under the protests of its users. GSC Game World decided to sell the identity of NPCs in the form of NFTs in their video game Stalker 2 but immediately changed their mind after fan reactions. However, the plane is tilted. Owning certified game assets via blockchain is an innovation that needs to be studied and regulated. With the advent of metaverses, the so-called token economy is just getting started.

Near future

The next generation of NFT games promises to bring a lot of interesting things! AAA projects have already been announced that will focus more on the user experience, with a more advanced and developed in-game economy. Design and graphics will also improve significantly, they can be compared with low-budget AAA games.

In fact, the next generation of games will not be worse than regular AAA games. But, it will include a more elaborate in-game economy, true ownership of items, and the ability to finally get out of the office and make money playing games – not only for eSports professionals but also for ordinary gamers like you and me.

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