If there’s one thing every business wants, it’s extra customers. Whatever methods you decide to use to promote your businesses, you want to be sure they are effective, bringing in plenty of customers and extra money. Often, marketers look to sell you products to promote your businesses far and wide, but sometimes the best thing to do is advertise locally.

One of the best things you can do to advertise locally is to use a pole sign. If you’re looking to get your name out there to locals and passers-by, there’s nothing better. So, if you’re in Concord or anywhere else for that matter, read on for everything you need to know about pole signs and their benefits. 

What is a Pole Sign?

A pole sign is, funnily enough, exactly what it sounds like. They are advertising or branding signs, attached to poles that are nice and high in the skyline. These signs are designed to be eye-catching and noticeable from a great distance. You may choose to put your logo up atop a pole or various other information that you think may promote your businesses. Either way, they are large, attractive pieces that show off your business to huge amounts of people at once.

Where to Place a Pole Sign

Most often, pole signs are placed at the side of highways. In Houston, for example, you may choose to place your sign on the side of Route 69, one of the busiest roads in and out of the city to the Northeast. To be most effective, you should place your sign in the busiest areas, to boost views and grab as many people’s attention as possible.

Lighting to Boost Views

To make a pole sign even more effective, many companies offer lighting solutions to give your sign a real boost. Some signs have the lighting built-in, creating a backlit silhouette or some real “pop!” Other signs surround the pole or sign itself with lighting to highlight the contents. Either way, the lighting will certainly help your sign be more visible on grey days or at night.

Long-Term Promotion

The real benefit of a pole sign is the fact it’s so permanent. These signs are placed with the view to them staying in the ground for a very long time. This means that the more often that a person drives in and out of the city, the more often they are going to catch a glimpse of your branding. This long-term promotion can help boost brand awareness and make your company a household name within the city.

Share a Particular Offer

To use a pole sign a little differently, you could include a bit more information rather than just a logo. For example, you may be offering new customers a big discount in your store, or have a long-term offer on a certain product that you want to promote. Adding this information to your pole sign can attract even more custom to your business, as people scramble to find the best deals and prices for products they need.


Direction Additions

One of the most effective ways of using a pole sign is to have it near your business location. For example, if you own a restaurant just off the i-45, you could opt to place a pole sign one exit before your restaurant’s location. This way, you can tell everyone that drives along that highway that in 1-2 miles they can find a great restaurant at the next exit. This will help bring people in, as you’re offering them something they want and placing it right in their laps.

Get Your Brand Recognized

Finally, as briefly mentioned, one of the greatest aspects of having your branding on permanent display is brand recognition. You want your branding to be good, especially if it’s on display above the skyline for everyone to see! If your logo and branding are excellent, it can become synonymous with a location and excellent store or restaurant – just look how well the McDonald’s M did as a logo! Make sure you carefully design and decide what to place on a pole sign. They are not easy to quickly change should you wish to change your branding! 

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of benefits to using pole signs as part of your local advertising campaign. The logo recognition alone is enough to bring your brand into the home and make it a household name. Just make sure you put something awesome on top of that pole so people always remember it.

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