Running a successful business means that you need to understand every aspect that makes it grow. This especially means that you need to understand what needs to be done in order to secure your growth from a technological standpoint more than anything else. One important aspect of moving forward with any business is ensuring you have the best software for your employees. This software should cover numerous aspects such as customer service management and follow-ups, content management for your website or application, production management, and much more. Depending on your company’s needs and your field of expertise, you will need either one software or many for multiple departments unless you decide to use custom software. 

What Is Custom Software?

Custom software is strategically built for your company and its operation module. A team of highly efficient professionals creates the software and can adjust it to your needs as your business grows. For example, Airdev is a bubble development agency that helps businesses launch world-class software products in less time than traditional developers. Airdev uses bubble as its visual programming language because of its ability to easily create a no-code, interactive and customizable platform.

Why Should You Pay For Custom Software?

  1. Expenses

Generally speaking, the software is not cheap or affordable, and if you have to use different software for each of your departments, or each of your planning tools, this only means that you’re adding to your expenses unnecessarily. Additionally, your boxed software won’t have the same adaptability as the custom option in terms of value vs. benefits. 

  1. Efficiency 

Organizing and managing your workflow to become as efficient as possible should be the most important aspect for any business, as it will save a lot of wasted time. Custom software helps you avoid the extra steps that you might add to your workflow to adapt your work to boxed software. For example, if you use Trello to track your tasks and then move on to your CMS to check the task afterward and comment again on Trello, a custom software could help you remove Trello from your workflow completely and have a way to track your work internally on one platform. 

  1. Your Developers are a Part of Your Team 

For custom software, it is essential you have the developers on your side to modify and improve the program as much as possible throughout the years. Even if you start with a company to develop your software, you will need an indoor developer on your side. There are plenty of companies that offer to keep developers on your team, especially for complicated projects. The developers at admit that delivering a project is simply not enough. Therefore, an on-site developer is needed to cater to your needs and help you enhance your software further as your company grows. 

  1. Easy Integration 

Just because custom software is easily adaptable doesn’t mean it can have everything. Still, if you are using custom software, you need it to be functionally and easily connected to another one of your programs like Jira; for example, the steps and fees you have to pay to add that integration will decrease significantly. 

  1. High-Security Level 

If you buy a subscription to a marketed software, chances are someone somewhere has easy access to your data. The possibility of risk is not that high, but it still exists in the case of boxed software. On the other hand, custom software is easily managed internally, and no one can access your data. It is 100% secure. 

  1. Beneficial 

If you invest in custom software and it proves an immense success, you can actually sell its license when you need to or even sell subscriptions to the software module. Imagine a business idea from a business tool! It seems far-fetched, but it is real! Did you know that Youtube and its technology were first created by a small start-up company that later sold the technology to Google and earned millions? Technology pays up!

  1. No Extra Features Cost 

Ever notice how much money you spend over that extra feature that allows you to connect better with your team, or that extra extension the boxed software you are using is marketing to you as a must-have? If you ask your finance team to calculate your expenses for these features, you would be surprised. Your custom software could save you the hassle of continuously adding to your expenses as you go. Your developers will handle any new updates themselves; therefore, your costs will be internal, not external. 

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of investing in custom software, move forward with a plan in mind and cautiously choose the way you wish to invest. For example, some people prefer starting with a company that promises independence later on, while others prefer hiring and onboarding an IT team to handle everything from scratch. Whichever you choose, keep in mind your needs, the expertise you need, and your budget. 

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