If you’re looking to join the over 2 million Americans living in holy matrimony, congratulations. Marriage is an exciting and joyful prospect. Still, before you can look forward to a life together, there’s one final test that you and your partner must undergo: your wedding day.

A big part of having a great wedding is choosing the right decor and a bridal bouquet to match. Here, we’re going to give you some tips to figure out what flowers you should carry down the aisle with you. Read on to learn how you can build the best floral bouquet the wedding industry has ever seen.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

If you’re like most people, you likely have decided on a color scheme for your wedding long before building a bouquet. Your reasoning can be as simple as choosing a hue that you’ll like to see in pictures. You also might have chosen a shade that symbols something within your relationship.

Regardless of your color scheme, it’s critical that you select flowers that fall within it. For example, if your wedding decor is overarchingly cornflower blue, you need to get some blue flowers in your bouquet.

Keep in mind that you can also choose different shades of blue. Sky blue, pastel blue, cerulean, aquamarine, sapphire, or indigo won’t clash with cornflower but instead will complement it.

White is also a great color to include in bridal bouquets because it matches most bride’s gowns. You can combine it with the other colors that match your decor to create some contrast and variety.

Decide on Bridal Bouquet Flower Types

In addition to selecting the right colors, you also need to choose the right types of flowers for your bouquet. This choice can be as simple as picking something that both you and your partner find aesthetically pleasing. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your reasoning simple!

However, many couples decide on a flower that has meaning to their relationship. Was there a certain bloom that you brought each other on your first date? Did you enjoy a certain type of flower at an event that you went to together?

Answering these questions may give you some ideas about what varieties to choose.

You also may want to choose flowers with meanings that symbolize something about your relationship. In the Victorian era, people developed a communication system that relied on flowers to carry different meanings. Today, a lot of this symbolism still appears at weddings even when we aren’t thinking about it.

Some of the best messages for couples include:

  • Daisies (my love is pure)
  • Hyacinth (your loveliness is charming)
  • Apple blossom (I prefer you above all others)
  • Baby’s breath (innocence in love)
  • Red roses (passion)

You also might consider talking to friends and family about flower types that they think go well in wedding bouquets. Getting another input is an awesome way to have more ideas for what you can do at your wedding. It may open your eyes to some unique perspectives and ideas that you otherwise would never have considered.

Consider Sola Wood Flowers

But what if you want a flower that doesn’t come in the same color as the rest of your wedding? You might think that you need to compromise on either color or style. Luckily, this isn’t the only option- wooden flowers are an up-and-coming wedding staple that you’re sure to love.

These flowers are made from something called sola wood. It’s sourced from a bamboo-like plant that grows in marshes. The bark is shaved off of the plant and experts handmake realistic flowers from it.

Luvsolaflowers.com sells handcrafted flowers made from this long-lasting material. There are many reasons that buying them in bulk is beneficial, but the first is that you can dye them any color that you choose. You can get a flower that traditionally only comes in one hue and dye it the precise color that you want for your wedding.

In addition to their versatility, sola wood flowers are also long-lasting. They’re a great wedding keepsake that not only will last for the rest of your life but for many generations to come. Plus, since they’re eternal, they’re even more representative of your love than fresh-cut flowers would be.

Sola flowers also are completely realistic looking. You won’t be able to tell the difference between them and cut flowers unless you already know. They’re unique because of their handmade nature, giving them a one-of-a-kind appearance that you’re sure to love.

Add Filler to White Space

Regardless of the flower types that you choose, you’re going to have some empty space in your bouquet. That’s where filler comes in.

The filler consists of smaller foliage and tiny flowers that you put into your bouquet to fill negative space. This includes tiny flowers like Baby’s Breath or Dara. If you don’t want to use a lot of colors, you can select simple leafy plants like Baby Blue or Dill.

Whether or not you choose to get a sola wood bouquet, you may be interested in getting artificial versions of these filler plants. You can purchase them in bulk and rip up larger plants to stuff into your bouquet. This gives you complete control over your white space while helping you to use something in your bouquet that will last a lifetime.

Enrich Your Wedding Today

Having the perfect wedding flowers may sound far easier said than done. However, with a little thought, some help, and sola flower alternatives, it’s more than possible to build the bouquet of your dreams.

Now that you know how to build the best bridal bouquet possible, it’s time to learn more tips before getting married. Check out the rest of our webpage for lifestyle and decor tips that can help your wedding day to be a success.

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