Perhaps reuniting with the close ones is one of the definite agendas on the to-do list of the majority of the populations after widespread lockdowns. The challenging disruptions of the ongoing pandemic are certainly a toiling experience for everyone around the world. 

Let alone concerts and socializing, many remain confined to their residences and localities. Hence, exploring options to end the endless monotony has never been more critical as it is now. 

Though many artists are holding digital events to stay connected to their admirers, the enthralling charm of physical ones is hardly replaceable. Similarly, governments have also restricted organizers from making confined space arrangements for the sake of public health. 

Some people are also skeptical about live events due to the Covid-19-related anxiety and dread. However, the majority is impatiently counting down days. Undeniably, such occasions are a definite source of long-awaited communal get-togethers.

To deal with the impact of the distressing global tragedy, concerned stakeholders are striving to normalize the situation. As a result, several exciting events are in the pipeline for the post lockdown scenarios. 

It means global efforts are underway to improve the situation and end lockdowns as soon as possible. So let’s explore some enchanting occasions in the coming days.

Back in the saddle tour

Back in the saddle is a series of musical tours casting Jason Aldean as the main act. Jason Aldean is an American singer, composer, and record-producing artist. He is one of the acclaimed names in the popular and country music categories. 

Soon, Jason is set to indulge you in A Little More Summertime once more. If you are already a diehard enthusiast, his live charms are irresistible to Fly Over States. And maybe his latest hit single, If I Didn’t Love You, is also in the lineup to mesmerize you.

Well, it is merely a glimpse. Starting this August 2021, Jason’s live concerts are kicking off in various locations in the USA. 

And did you know these events are incredibly unique? The audience can utilize a part of their ticket profits to any charity of their preference. Additionally, viewers can also explore other nearby recreational avenues in geographically rich counties. 

Finally, all you need to cater to is the appropriate location and schedule.

2. Gone wild festival

After wildlife, perhaps the word wild is second most associated with a human being. Did you already guess? Yes, it is the renowned adventurer Bear Grylls of the widely admired Man Vs. Wild series. In the name of the Gone Wild Festival, Bears and his team are unfolding an audacious and equally thrilling event for families. 

The event is all set to thrill you with a unique combination of adventure and entertainment. The occasion is commencing in late August 2021, in Powderham Castle, United Kingdom.

Inaugurating this year, the festival aspires to offer the audience a nourishing and learning package. For instance, visitors can experience climbing, quad biking, and paddleboarding. Additionally, it is absolutely a golden opportunity to learn wildlife-related practical skills from Bear and other accompanying experts in the field. 

That’s not all. A festival without some music may appear a little barren. Hence, there are arrangements to fill that void, where the audience can satiate their melody hungry expectations. Indeed, it is a splendid occasion to enrich the list of your recollections with family and friends.

3. Boardmasters festival

Undeniably, the waking dawn of 2020 unfolded one of the most challenging crises of present times. Rightly so, the onset of the Covid-19 emergency exacerbated the intensity of the prevailing issues even more. 

Its impact was equally devastating for Boardmasters and its programs. As a result, the organizers were unable to launch festivities for two consecutive years.

Fortunately, the festival is finally happening in August 2021 in Cornwall, United Kingdom. With its 10th anniversary, your favorite carnival is as eager to entertain. The event is undoubtedly going to amplify spectators’ experience with a range of entertainment options. 

It is perhaps the richest festival that aims to appease a diverse audience and their expectations. In addition, the current year’s lineup is equally rich and varied, consisting of solo and band artists. Artists like Jorja Smith, Foals, and Gorillaz are currently at the top of entrainment’s feed. 

Hence, individuals fond of nature, music, adventure, and even food can easily wash away lockdown-related anxiety.

4. Electric zoo music festival

The electric zoo is an electronic music event annually commencing over the weekend of Labor Day in the USA. Harmoniously accommodating diversity is one of the unique characteristics of this event. 

Each year with a different theme, the festival creatively blends multiple music genres into varied entertainment acts. Current years’ twelfth edition genuinely intends to expand your excitement level with headliners, including Alan Walker, Tiësto, Chris Lorenzo, and many more.

Most importantly, the event is usually organized in an open space. Thus you won’t have to be extensively preoccupied with the Covid-19 transmission fear. Nonetheless, exercising required safety measures is unavoidable.

So do not forget to line up for the tickets and keep your schedules flexible. The event will commence in early September 2021 in New York City. It will surely be an electrifying experience for you and your friends. More than that, the occasion can be uplifting for your mental and physical well-being.


There would hardly be anyone in favor of sustained lockdowns and severe restrictions. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the light of a fearless day and reunite with their loved ones. Utilizing upcoming entertainment occasions can be a viable choice to assemble with your social circle. 

Though the pandemic-related measures have canceled or modified schedules of several events, some are coming your way. These events allow you to listen to your favorite music artists and recollect cherishing memories with your friends.

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