Despite the development of a vaccine, many people are still reeling from the effects of Covid-19. Some people experience brain fog and anxiety many weeks or months after the initial infection. Additionally, there are also concerns about the mental impact of prolonged isolation, even for those who have not fallen ill. 
Social distancing and quarantine are definitely crucial for keeping transmission rates low. However, people need social interaction to lead a healthy and happy life. This lack of interaction may cause poor cognitive effects, but there are lots of natural remedies to improve brain function as well as the quality of life. 

The Link Between Isolation and Anxiety and Depression

Some people love to be the center of attention at all times. Others require solitude to recharge before participating in social situations. Most people require some level of socialization to be healthy and happy, even if that level is much lower than other people. 

With the onset of Covid-19, people were forced to separate from their loved ones for their own protection. This is especially relevant for older individuals and people with certain medical disorders or immune dysfunction. 

Spending months away from the ones you love can increase feelings of anxiety and depression. Even just a lack of casual social situations, such as having lunch with co-workers or chatting with a stranger in a park, can take a negative toll on mental wellness. 

How Isolation Can Impact Your Sleep Schedule

There are also concerns about how Covid could be affecting our sleep. Times of stress and anxiety usually mean decreased sleep quality, as well as fewer hours spent asleep.

If you’re not feeling fulfilled and satisfied by your waking life, you’re more likely to experience sleep issues, such as insomnia. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to lead the kind of life you enjoy while also abiding by social distancing mandates. You can always interact with friends and family via video calls and messaging, but these methods pale in comparison to physical interaction. 

Why Less Frequent Social Interaction Leads to Greater Stress

Another downside to isolation is an increase in stress. If you don’t enjoy the proper social outlets, you’re likely to feel a lot more stress than you would normally. Stress has a poor effect on mental health, but it can also affect your physical health.

For example, did you know that you can prevent colds by reducing stress? The less stress you experience, the better your immune system will function. This helps you ward off the effects of common germs and bacteria known for causing illnesses. 

How to Improve Cognitive Function During Quarantine

While you may not be able to spend time with friends and family just yet, rest assured that brighter days are just around the corner. In the meantime, look for natural remedies and supplements to boost cognitive function and mental health.

Instead of merely treating the symptoms of illness, natural remedies address the root of the issue. Not only can they enhance the function of your immune system, but they can also improve your cognitive abilities, reduce foggy thinking, and alleviate some effects of isolation. 

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