You know the pain of loving to watch sports and nowhere to watch it for free. Sports are generally available to stream online on pay-per-view platforms. But if you love streaming sporting events, then you will know about a website called Cricfree TV.

Even if you don’t know about Cricfree Sports TV, you would know about other free sports streaming websites. These streaming websites stream live sports for free through their websites or applications. But time and again we face problems where the Cric TV streaming site is taken down due to copyright claims.

Since Live TV channels pay huge sums of money to own the rights to  Live sport events they take down websites that stream sports for free like Cricfree TV. So we are here to help you through this dilemma of wanting to stream Sports online for free with some alternative and advice on the working sites of Cricfree sports

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For Online Sports Streaming

Sports enthusiasts know the pain of missing a good game because we were at the office or somewhere without a TV. We want to watch the game but are limited to pay-per-view applications like ESPN or other sports streaming sites.

Online sports streaming has been a great boon for watching sports from anywhere. We can watch them from work, from the car, at school and anytime from home. Online sports streaming platforms have provided us with the accessibility of watching sports from any device including mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Many online sports streaming platforms can be found on the Internet today. Some of these platforms have pay-per-view live sports streaming services.

But it can be a pain to pay for every live sport. So what could be better than watching sports anywhere? It would be streaming live sporting events for free. 

So we are going to help you find free online sports streaming websites that are not only completely free but also have excellent quality. These sites will help you have a non-stop streaming of your favorites for live. You will also be able to watch live sports with the best available video quality without any errors while streaming.

There is no way we can talk about free live sports streaming websites without talking about Cricfree. 

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About Crickfree

Cricfree is one of the best live sports streaming websites. You can watch cricket, football, all the NFL, NBA, tennis, baseball, and other motorsports through this website. This website is dedicated to you having a smooth and qualitative sports streaming experience.

Cricfree is one of the best streaming websites for watching cricket. This is one of the most highly regarded and positively reviewed free streaming websites. Even the name Cricfree suggests that this site is dedicated to streaming cricket for free. While this website also streams other sports for free, it is mainly popular for streaming cricket and all live cricket events.

This site is also very popular among cricket fans. If you are a dedicated cricket fan, you may have come across this free streaming site. 

Even though Cricfree is very convenient and easy for you to operate, you have to know that this site is illegal. Cricfree does not have the rights to broadcast live sports since other channels have paid huge sums of money to gain the rights to broadcast live sporting events. 

Perks Of Cricfree Sports Website

Even though Cricfree illegally broadcasts live sporting events, you have to admit it is extremely convenient to use. You can watch your favorite sports from any location and through any device, also just use this website to just log in and check the score. You have the convenience of time and location.

So here are some of the perks of using Cricfree sports streaming website:

  • Free streaming Sporting events
  • Best quality of live Sporting events
  • Uninterrupted and known stop streaming
  • The convenience of watching Sports from any location online
  • Compatibility to every device including Android and IOS
  • Live chat with other viewers
  • Strict chat rules to prevent bullying and harassing
  • Sport schedules
  • Inclusion of most popular live sports
  • Good quality visuals
  • Positive reviews from viewers 
  • Free streaming of major sporting events 

Categories Available on Cricfree

The name Cricfree suggests that this free online sports streaming website only provides streaming service of cricket and live cricket events. But you need to know that this streaming site also provides the best streaming services of most popular and major Sporting events of other Sports too.

This site is known to be convenient for having a lot of sports streaming services in a single site. They have a wide variety of sporting events that you can watch for free. 

Some of these categories available on Cricfree to stream are as follows:

  • Cricket
  • American football
  • Football 
  • UFC
  •  Tennis
  •  Baseball
  •  Basketball
  • Motor Sports including Formula 1
  •  Rugby
  •  NFL
  •  NBA
  •  WWE
  •  Hockey
  •  Boxing

You can watch these sports by choosing them from different channels. Some of the main channels of Cricfree live streaming sites are as follows:

  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Sports cricket 
  • Chelsea TV
  • Fox Sports
  • Ten Sports
  • NBA HD
  • ESPN
  • Set Max
  • WWE network
  • MUTV
  • Eurosport
  • Racing UK
  • Motors TV
  • Golf channel
  • STAR Sports
  • NFL network
  • Canal Plus HD 
  • BT Sport and many more

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Working Sites of Crickfree TV

If you are an online sports streamer, you know the pain of having a site down due to copyright claims. Cricfree itself also has many problems as the site is taken down every so often due to copyright issues.

Cricfree is an illegal sports streaming site, these copyright problems can be very inconvenient for or regular sports fans. Sometimes some website is working to stream live Sporting events while other times they are not available on the internet. 

This especially can be a huge problem if you are in a hurry. The game has already started and you can’t find the right URL of the cricket free streaming site.

To help you solve this problem we have a list of working Cricfree Football sites. Note that these sites are currently working and may not be working after a few months due to copyright issues. So here is the list of  currently working Cricfree sites:

  2. › home02
  4. › soccer

You can choose any of these sites currently to watch your favourite sport. Be careful that these streaming websites are illegal. These sites may be available right now and may not be available after some time. They are usually taken down due to copyright claims by pay-per-view streaming sites or channels.

Top 5 Alternatives to Crickfree

Being taken down by other streaming websites is a huge issue when trying to search for Cricfree. It is a big headache when you are in a hurry to watch a live sporting event.

Let us paint a picture. The live game that you want to watch is starting in a few minutes. You open your browser and search for Cricfree, but the site is down. Or you may find that Cricfree has been taken down again due to some copyright issues.

This is such a frustrating yet common issue. We are so dependent on using Cricfree that we don’t think of any alternative to Cricfree. So what can you do in such a frustrating situation? Miss the game? No chance! We are here to help you with the alternative to Cricfree

So without wasting any time here on five of the best alternative to Cricfree:

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If you are a die-hard sports fan, then a free sports streaming site is for you. LAOLA1 on is a one-stop-shop for every spotting event and after event highlights. This Sporting site is completely free and unlike Cricfree this site also provides for highlights and other videos related to the world of sports.

LAOLA1 is one of the best sports streaming websites on the internet. They also provide exclusive videos, highlights and video clips from different interviews and different Sporting events. This makes LAOLA1 a very easy and convenient site to use as an alternative to Cricfree.

2. Stream2watch


Stream2watch is also another completely free sports streaming website. This site provides different Sporting channels that you can choose to watch from. They are the best source for watching live TV channels. You can watch live TV channels other than Sports on this website too.

They have a huge range of sports channels that are made available through cable TV. You can choose to watch live streams of various Sporting events including the NHL, the NBA, Premier League and other live Sports. They have a huge range of sports channels that you can choose from.

3. StreamHunter


Streamhunter is another alternative to Cricfree For streaming Sporting events. Unlike other websites on this list, this website can only be accessed through a desktop. This website is also great if you love watching Sports from anywhere around the world. Unlike some other sites, this website does not have a restriction in the location of the viewer.

This streaming website also provides other features related to the sports world. This site provides you with a schedule of live games. they also provide news related to the sports and other updates that you might want to know about related to Sports. 

4. Ronaldo7


If you love watching football, then ronaldo7 is a site for you. You will especially love this site if your favourite player is Ronaldo. This site offers various ranges of sports streaming and live streaming of football and other Sports.

It offers other information about the football player Ronaldo including highlights from his best games. It also includes most games that he has played and also clips relating to him. You can also visit a library of his photos and news relating to him. 

5. Wiziwig


Wiziwig is an online sports streaming site for most popular sports channels. This helps you stream Sports of almost all popular categories. They include streaming from different categories of Sports like football, volleyball, rugby, basketball, tennis, Baseball, and other popular sports.

It is a sports streaming site just like Cricfree is completely free. They also provide schedules of matches that do not occur in every category of sports. This site is one of the best alternatives to Cricfree.