Cartoons are reflections of our childhood days, and keeping kids away from the cartoon is not possible when the favorite show is streaming. Anime is one of the oldest cartoons and occupies an excellent corner among kids and adults worldwide. So, if you are more into Anime, you must be familiar with the website Kiss Cartoon, where HD quality Anime series are available for free. It comes with a location-based feature, and you can seamlessly watch every bit of it as per your interest. The variation in Anime Cartoons we are getting over here is nowhere available, starting from KissCartoon’s Rick and Morty season 4 to other animes.

Various Duplicates of KissCartoon are now Available- Locate Those

With the growing name and fame of Kiss Cartoon, many websites have started cloning, making it cumbersome for the audience to find the authentic one. The real KissCartoon website has worldwide fame. However, these fake websites are taking away the name and providing sites with a similar name. However, the person who has real expertise in KissCartoon can spot the difference between real and fake sites.  People nowadays are watching more and more animes. And it is getting a huge fanbase. Many of the kisscartoon followers are now waiting eagerly for Frozen 3 release date.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2024

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Disney Now

This channel is the top-notch one to watch old cartoons. Coming with the most popular shows like Mackey Mouse and Donald Duck, this site gives utmost enjoyment to kids. Apart from this, you will also find the option to stream Disney movies and TV shows on this website. 

Cartoon Network

This is one of the best KissCartoon alternatives carrying a legacy of almost 20 years and will continue to be an entertainment source for the coming generation’s kids. Moreover, this channel can also be streamed through the internet. 

Watch Series

This channel does not broadcast shows of any particular genre. You can stream every show online. It features one of the most significant TV shows, films, and, most importantly, Anime.


This is one of the finest websites for KissCartoon. It comes with a significant list of Anime series as well as films. This has spectacular video quality.


If you wish to watch cartoons online without any interruptions, this is one of the best alternatives. This website comes with a much better option to stream your favorite cartoon show online. People can use this through TV, website, or any official app.


This is purposely built for Anime fans with English subtitles and serves as one of the best KissCartoon alternatives of 2024. Funimation is the ultimate place that you are searching for. It also comes with various PS applications that broadcast various episodes of Anime. One of the major setbacks is viewing your favorite Anime episode, and then you might get interrupted with frequent Ads popping up.

Anime Toon 

It is one of the best websites where you can watch dubbed anime and cartoon series online. It mostly provides quite some Anime genres such as comedy, romance, and crime. 

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KissCartoon Rick and Morty

This is one of the adult animated series of Anime. KissCartoon Rick and Morty Season 4 comes with a wide range of misadventures. It comes with a renowned animated sitcom available on KissCartoon. Moreover, this is one of the most famous animated series present in KissCartoon. Here, you can watch both the trailer and the entire series for free. Apart from this, you have the option to download this in HD quality for offline purposes.

Whether KissCartoon is Legal or Not?

Although KissCartoon has worldwide popularity, this appears to be illegal if we go deep down into various domains presently as the real site was put down. Fake sites seem to be quite confusing and don’t get caught easily. The most plausible way to evade this issue is that the contents available are full HD in KissCartoon, but most cloned sites don’t broadcast HD content.

Process of Downloading from KissCartoon 

If you are looking to download your favorite movie or Anime from the official website of KissCartoon, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  •  The first and foremost thing is to examine the Homepage. After scanning, try to find the best one. This will give the immediate feeling that you have scope for exploration.
  • After that, you need to choose one option and press on it. This will load the content. After you finish loading Anime, you can watch this on several platforms.
  • You have to make sure that you don’t press on any of the spam links during download.
  • When you are done checking the authenticity, you can go ahead with the download.
  • To save the video on your device, you can use video Downloader software. After that, you need to copy the link and paste it on the Downloader. This is similar to the one when you download YouTube videos.
  • Now, you have to select the video quality and begin the download process. You need to ensure that you have a fast internet speed.

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Does KissCartoon work with AdBlocker?

Kiss Cartoon is a monetized site earning money from the ads displayed while streaming is on the midway. However, these ads can easily be controlled with the help of Adblocker. You just need to add the extension to the browser while you watch your favorite show on KissCartoon. But the cloned websites that try to imitate the original KissCartoon make the ad-blocker ineffective.

Ultimate Platform For Cartoon and Anime Lovers 

This is one of the best platforms to stream cartoons and Anime online. KissCartoon has gained immense popularity since no millennials want to spend watching cartoon shows online. It gives a perfect platform for all those passionate lovers. The interface is one of a kind and creates a fantastic impression in the mind of the audience. Hopefully, this article provides a perfect idea of Kiss Cartoon for Anime lovers and associated integrities. However, your suggestion is always welcome. So, if you have any further details, you can provide that in the comment box. 

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