Diamonds have charmed the world of gemstones for centuries. In ancient times, these precious gems were reversed in their natural, uncut state, valued for their rarity and inherent worth. Diamonds were originally fashioned in octahedral shape, featuring a single-point cut to form a flat facet. However, with time, diamond-cutting techniques evolved, initiating an era of greater brightness and popular looks. 

In the article below, learn the difference between diamond cut & diamond shape & explore the current trendy different diamond cuts for every enthusiast. If you want to explore these current trendy cuts you can also explore Ayaani diamonds, for the certified diamonds.

Diamond Shape vs Diamond Cuts: Understanding the Differences

I know! It sounds very difficult to decode. But trust me guys it’s not. Let me full explain to you in a very simple way. 

Diamond shape pertains to the overall outline or form of the diamond when viewed from the top. Think of it like the basic form of a diamond, like a circle, square, or heart. Whereas, diamond cut refers to the faceting of the diamond, the way the rough stone is carved and polished to maximize its sparkle and beauty. Different cuts include arranging facets in certain patterns and angles, which impact the fire, brightness, and scintillation of the diamond.

Hence, one shape can have several cuts. A round diamond, for example, can be cut in a brilliant cut, rose cut, or old mine cut. The cut has a significant influence on the overall look and price of the diamond. A well-shaped diamond sparkles more and may cost more than a badly cut diamond of the same shape and carat weight.

I hope this clarifies the difference between diamond shape vs diamond cut!

The Definitive List Of Must-Have Diamond Cuts For Every Fashionista 

Diamonds are rich gems that may be passed down through centuries. With various types of diamond cuts & designs to pick from, it becomes tough to identify which ones are perfect for your jewellery collection. Let’s take a look at the top 7 must-have diamond cuts that are now popular. If you want to add drama and beauty to your wardrobe, then these cuts are perfect to have. 

  • Heart Cut- The heart cut is the ultimate symbol of love, blending sweetness with a playful touch, making it a distinctive and asymmetrical beauty. Rock a heart-shaped pendant for a touch of charm, or surprise your significant other with a ring that says, ‘‘My love for you is as unique & precious as this diamond.’’ 
  • Marquise Cut- The drama queen of diamond cuts, known for its elongated, pointed shape that exudes an air of mystery & intrigue. If are aiming for something with extra length, the marquise cut is your go-to. Whether it’s a 0.30ct to 0.90ct stone, proposing with one of these beauties guarantees the answer you desire when you’re down on one knee. 
  • Round Cut- The round cut is the most popular and long-lasting in modern jewellery. With 57 carefully aligned facets, it reflects incomparable sparkle and fire, resulting in a stunning visual impression. The most popular cut is a solitaire diamond ring for proposal. It is the evergreen shape that has been chosen from long back eras.  No ring says ‘‘I Do’’ like a round solitaire diamond ring. This is not just a diamond cut, it’s an heirloom. Passed down through families, it carries a whisper of past declarations and promises to come, a luminous thread connecting hearts across generations. 
  • Pear Cut- Resembling a teardrop shape, the pear cut combines elements of round & marquise cut, offering a graceful silhouette. This cut is perfect for pendants and earrings. 
  • Oval Cut- The oval cut blends the brightness of a round cut with an extended curve to create a pleasing and unique look. It is a flexible option for a variety of jewellery styles. In simple words, it is like a round cut but stretched- that is both elegant and a bit cheeky. 
  • Princess Cut- The princess cut diamond with its four-sided shape, rivals the round cut in sparkle and fire. This cut is more economical due to less waste during the diamond-cutting process. Its flexible shape allows for a range of styles, from subtle to striking. Its sharp lines and square shape radiate modern sophistication and strength. 
  • Cushion Cut- Its rounded corners exude warmth, blending classic and modern charm. Imagine a cushion-cut diamond ring paired with a chunky knit sweater or delicate earrings adding sparkle to a flowy maxi dress. For such timeless pieces, explore Ayaani Diamonds, the top Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Brand.


Hence, whether you are planning for a memorable proposal or festive celebration, the above must-have diamond cuts will add glamour to your look. Choose as per your preference and shine like no one else. If you want to go through the wonderful collection of the discussed cuts under budget, visit Ayaani Diamonds for unique pieces like you. You are not just choosing the top-ranked Jewellery Brand but immerse yourself in a world of sustainable luxury.

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