If you have ever applied for social security disability and have gotten turned down, you know how devastating it can be. The process may be confusing and lengthy, then to be told you were denied is a crushing blow. You may need a social security disability lawyer to help you with this.

Many people find the process of applying for social security disability benefits complex and lengthy. An attorney can help make the process easier.

Social Security Disability Lawyer

In 2017 only 32 percent of people applying for social security disability were awarded it. This is a staggering number. Many people get denied their rightful social security disability benefits.

The next step is to begin the appeal process, but many people are afraid to start it. This is sometimes because they do not have a social security disability attorney to help them through the confusing process.

Some people don’t know if they should file a new claim, or go through a social security appeal. Social security disability applications have a 70 percent denial rate. The best chance you have is at a social security disability hearing.

This is why it is so important to have a good lawyer who has experience in social security disability law. You don’t want to play around with the odds, especially when the appeals rate of success is at 13.8 percent. You want your social security appeal to be a success and get you the money you need.

A social security disability lawyer will know the steps to take and be able to guide you through the appeals process. If you tried it on your own the first time, let a lawyer help make this easier on you.

Why Is It Complicated?

Some people apply for a condition that does not meet the correct criteria for a disability but it could be as simple as not having all the medical documentation needed. It is important to show up for your medical exams and work with the system. The last thing you want to do is fail to cooperate.

You must follow the treatment plan set in place by your doctor. If the records show that you have not your claim may get denied. This is because the examiner will not be able to tell if you cannot work.  After all, you have not followed your doctor’s orders or prescriptions.

Some people may not mean do this, but some fail to cooperate with the social security office. Sometimes they ask for certain documents or exams and if you let these slide, the social security administration may see that as a failure to cooperate with them. This could cause your claim to get denied.

No matter what gets asked of you, it is in your interest to go along with their requests. This is especially true for a social security appeal.

It can take longer when any document is missed. Sometimes a few pages make all the difference.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

When considering your options for a social security appeal, you need to think about the length of time it may take. In a lot of cases, getting a hearing takes close to two years. That is a long time when you have a disability and cannot work.

How will you provide for your family? How do you pay bills, afford food, or even keep a roof over your head? This is something important to think about.

A lawyer will not only be able to help you with the application process but will make sure it is thorough and complete. You have to meet the requirement and definition of being disabled and your attorney will know how this is done.

A social security disability attorney will help keep your application moving and will be a knowledgeable advocate for you during an appeals hearing. This is important because the social security administration may have its experts present.

Do you need a lawyer? Yes, you do! This is the best chance of getting the benefits you need and not waiting longer than you should.

The process may be confusing and time-consuming but it will be much easier with experienced legal representation on your side.

How Much Will It Cost?

You may know you need an attorney but be afraid to hire one because it may be expensive. Some people are trying to make ends meet and cannot see how a lawyer will be an affordable option.

The goods news is that you do not always pay for a social security disability lawyer upfront. Often, they will not charge a fee unless you win your appeal. If they do charge they may wait until you receive your disability benefits to get paid.

There is a maximum fee of $6,000 that can get charged by a social security disability attorney. It may be less but not more than this so you will have a good idea of what you will be spending for legal help.

This makes hiring a lawyer something you can afford to do. It takes a lot of anxiety and stress off you knowing you will have the support and someone who is experienced in social security disability.

Finances may already be short during this time. Not having legal representation is now something you won’t have to worry about. Being prepared for your appeals hearing will build confidence in your winning the case.

Questions to Ask

You want to ask how the attorney handles the appeals process and what happens so that you are ready when it is time to go to court. This makes some nervous so you want to know what to expect.

It is good to know how long your attorney expects the appeal to take. It varies, but appeals can take months to years so setting your expectations helps.

A social security disability lawyer will answer any questions you have. It is a great idea to have representation during an appeals process. Follow us for more tips!