Electric skateboards, or e-skateboard, have become greatly popular through the years. This powerful, fun, and exciting upgrade to traditional skateboards has been a dependable form of transportation vehicle. 

With an electric skateboard, you’ll be able to travel at a much faster speed and save a lot of time by slipping through intense road traffic. Also, this portable travel buddy is equipped with an innovative brake system. This mechanism helps you control the speed of the skateboard, whether you’re running on flat surfaces, downhill, or uphill, for a safer ride. 

In addition, many equipment distributors and manufacturers are taking advantage of these portable and easily-maneuverable rides. It’s one reason why electric skateboards are rapidly becoming a favorite of both newbies and connoisseurs. 

Moreover, electric skateboards come in different types for riders with varying needs. So, are you trying to find out what’s yours? This article may help.  

In this post, you’ll learn about the different types of electric skateboards, including which one is best for you. But before diving further into details, it’d be best to understand first what electric skateboards are and how they function.

What Is An Electric Skateboard?

As the name implies, an electric skateboard is simply a skateboard with an upgrade. Unlike the traditional skateboard, this one is powered by a built-in electric motor system. So, instead of relying on manual pushes and kicks to speed up, a handheld remote control can be used to adjust its speed and brakes. 

In addition, some electric skateboards may rely on the body’s weight-shifting. It doesn’t need a remote to gain speed and brake. Instead, all you need to do is manage your weight properly to boost up and slow down (more on this below).

What Are The Types Of Electric Skateboards?

Now that you’ve understood what an electric skateboard is, it’s time for you to discover its different types, such as:

  • Longboards

Longboards are one of the most popular types of electric skateboards due to the wide range of their uses. Riders may use them to perform different skateboarding disciplines, such as freestyling, downhill riding, slalom, cruising, dancing, carving, and street luge. 

Technically, a longboard has a length ranging from 38 to 60 inches or 96 to 152 centimeters. Also, its wheels are softer and larger compared to traditional skateboards, with sizes ranging from 60 to 80 millimeters and a hardness level of around 78 to 82. It ensures a smooth and pleasant ride even through road cracks and bumps. 

Because of its great attributes, an electric longboard skateboard is always featured in any shop. And if you want a more sustainable and eco-friendly option, you might want to try a bamboo longboard. This option will help you save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, which is perfect for environmentally friendly riders.

  • Weight-Shifting Electric Skateboards

A weight-shifting or weight-sensing electric skateboard relies on the weight of the body. Unlike other types, this doesn’t need a handheld remote controller to speed up and brake. So, how does this work? 

The mechanism of a weight-shifting electric skateboard is simple. To increase its speed, you need to put your weight on the front of the board. And if you want to slow down and take a break, put your weight on the rear side of the board. 

You may also need to shift your weight to the other side of the board to make turns. For example, you may focus your weight on the slightly upper right side of the board to make right turns.

  • Electric Cruiser Skateboards

As the name implies, cruiser electric skateboards are developed for cruising along the streets or any even terrain. Most cruisers have a kicktail, a curved part at the rear of the board. However, it’s often useless since they’re not made for doing tricks and shows performed with a regular skateboard.

In addition, cruiser electric skateboards are not developed for fast and downhill skateboarding. Here are other aspects of a cruiser you might want to know:

  • It has shorter deck boards compared to longboards.
  • It has big and strong wheel sets compared to regular skateboards.
  • It is easy to use and transport.
  • It may be shorter than longboards but functions with the same purpose.
  • It is perfectly designed for local travelling.

Furthermore, a cruiser is ideal for riding with a lot of turns, but if you’re having straight, long commutes, a longboard may be your best option.

  • Mini Electric Cruiser Skateboards

Mini electric cruiser skateboard is also a cruiser but smaller. And because of its small size, it is much more convenient and easier to use. 

In addition, mini cruisers are often made with light materials, making them the perfect solution for a rider looking for tighter caving and turning potential. Another great thing about them is that they can be stored in a backpack easily, unlike cruisers which often stick out of the bag. 

Mini cruisers may be the ideal type of electric skateboard for you if:

  • This is your first ride, and you’re still in the process of learning.
  • You’re an intermediate user who prefers more control.
  • You don’t need to learn tricks and flips.
  • You don’t need an extremely fast ride.

However, mini cruisers may still be used to perform basic flips and tricks just in case you change your mind and plan on adding a bit of thrill and excitement to your ride.

Which One Do You Need?

The answer to the question will highly depend on your needs. For example, if you’re planning to use an electric skateboard to go to work every day, longboards may be a better option because it’s ideal for long and smooth rides.  

However, if you’re planning to use it for leisure and relaxing skating activities, a cruiser may be your best option. It’s ideal for cruising down the streets, which doesn’t require fast speeds.  

So, before making any decision, evaluate your needs to purchase the right one and avoid wasting your money on something unnecessary.

Final Words

Electric skateboards are a fun and exciting way to ride and travel across local areas. It’s powered by an electric motor system that eliminates manual kicking and pushing in order to speed up.  

On top of that, electric skateboards come in different types, such as longboards, cruisers, mini cruisers, and weight-shifting. The right type of skateboard for you will strongly depend on your needs.  

So, before purchasing one, make sure you’ve evaluated your needs accordingly. It will help you save money and enjoy every ride in the long run.