Being charged with a fraud crime falsely can have a devastating impact on your life. The case can also affect your future as it affects your ability to obtain financial assistance and work. In Sydney and New South Wales, fraud crimes carry maximum penalties with other serious consequences.

If you are falsely accused because of bad judgment calls, you have to do everything in your power to prove your innocence. The very first step is hiring an experienced attorney from law firms like to help you with the case.

Though the lawyer will take the case forward in your favor, you have to offer all your support to achieve it. From gathering evidence to understanding the actual issue, here is what you should do if you are framed for fraud crimes. 

Understand the Allegations 

If you are framed for fraud crimes, you must first understand what grounds it is on and who has done it. To understand that, read the charge sheet and be aware of every single detail of the allegation. 

Go through various documents like a police prosecution file with your attorney and discuss the different scenarios and points in your favor. Only when you have a good understanding of the allegations will you offer the required information to the attorney to build defenses.  

Contact a Local Attorney 

When you come to know that you are charged with a fraud crime, you must think and act proactively right from the initial stages. In Sydney and New South Wales, fraud offenses are governed by Part 4AA of the Crimes Act 1900, and the penalty includes fines and imprisonment for five to seven years. 

The Local Court or the District delivers the final verdict, and you must contact a local attorney early on to help you with the case.  Fraud crimes in Sydney and NSW include:

  • Intention to deceive members by false statements
  • Intention to defraud by false, misleading statements
  • Obtain benefit by deception
  • Intention to defraud by concealing or destroying accounting records

If you are charged with any one of these fraud crimes, consult with a local attorney even before speaking with the police. As police officers’ will try to coax a confession out of you, dealing with them alone can sometimes push you to make unfavorable decisions. Talk with your attorney as soon as possible before the motions begin.

Provide Relevant Information to the Attorney

Once you get in touch with an attorney, make sure that you express yourself clearly and maintain complete honesty about the case. To equip the attorney with all information regarding the crime, you have to collect enough data starting from communication records, any evidence from your side, supporting photographs, and more.

As criminal fraud can attract high maximum penalties in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales, your attorney must know every tiny detail about the case to build a strong defense. If the defendant knows information that your attorney is unaware of, it can hurt your case. So, gather enough data and produce it to the attorney to help achieve a favorable outcome.

Fraud crimes include different non-violent crimes, including embezzling. In case you are accused of a fraud crime in Sydney, don’t wait until the evidence against you builds up. Reach out to an attorney today to build a strong case in your favor.