Most of the students have difficulties with sharing documents because of the big file size of a document or having the proper document format for the requirements. If you are having trouble with converting your documents into another format, you need an online converter to help you with your problems. 

One of the most common issues a student encounters is converting a word document into a Portable Document Format or most commonly known as PDF, which is one of the key features PDFBear offers to its users. You can use PDFBear to freely convert any WORD to PDF or vice versa. If you are facing problems while converting your word file to PDF then “PDFBear is for you”. Follow these detailed steps that can help you when using PDFBear for the first time.

How to Convert Word to PDF with PDFBear

One of the best services PDFBear offers is a free Word to PDF converter. You can easily convert your WORD documents into PDF hassle-free when using PDFBear. You just need to follow these four easy steps to convert your documents. The following detailed steps can help you use PDFBear with ease.


The first step in converting your WORD document into a PDF format is to upload your document into the system of PDFBear. You just need to select your desired file and click it to upload to their system. 


The second step in converting your WORD document into PDF format is to wait for your file to be finished scanning. The system of PDFBear will scan your document for it to be ready for the next step.


The third step in converting your WORD document into PDF format is waiting for your document to be converted entirely. In this step, the PDFBear will start converting your document into your desired file format. All you need to do is wait for your document to convert. This step usually takes a minute, and your document is ready for the next step.


The fourth step and last step in converting your WORD document into PDF format is to download the converted document. PDFBear will give you the document that you can easily download by clicking on it.

Privacy of PDFBear

Having a trustworthy online converter these days is one of the most difficult things to do. Most of the online converters have a terrible reputation and have many advertisements before you can use their services. PDFBear has one goal for its website: to deliver comfortable and trustworthy services to every user.

In compliance with the goal of PDFBear to be one of the most trustworthy online converters online, PDFBear removes the document from its system once you are done converting your document within an hour later. Keeping all your document’s information safe and far away from people with malicious intentions is utmost the best concern of PDFBear.

Using PDFBear on Any Platforms

Having a convenient online converter tool is a must in today’s generation. PDBear offers one of the most convenient ways to convert your documents. You can convert your documents from any platform you want. 

You can use the services of PDFBear not only in the operating system that supports Microsoft Word but also in any operating system. Access to this online converter tool with the use of Windows, Mac, and Linux is possible.


Running out of storage is one of the biggest problems that everyone encounters. You can use PDFBear to optimize a document. You can compress a document to make its file size smaller and free up some valuable space on your device or hard drive.

If you don’t have any space left in your device or hard drive, you don’t have to worry because PDFBear offers cloud storage where you can save your documents online, taking no storage space from your device or hard drive.


PDFBear is one of the most reliable online converters that you can use online. You can also use their services for free. This online converter platform can be used on any platform as long as you are connected to the internet, may it be Windows, Mac, or Linux. These features can be used in a single visit to a website making this one of the most go-to online converters online.

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