Viewers mean everything to streamers. Both the words – Viewers and Streamers are directly proportional to each other. Streamers stream for viewers and viewers watch streams for entertainment. However, it is entertainment that sticks them together. A streamer streams for many reasons and one of them is to make money. Game streamers are not recognized that much and their profession as “game streamers” is often underestimated. For game streamers, it is their viewers that help them make money for a living. So, preserving them is a huge task. As a streamer, you cannot lose even one viewer and can never ditch them. Here are some convenient ways which can help you preserve your viewers.


 Before streaming choose the right game for you. A game that you know how to play, will engage viewers, can be fun, can be challenging, and most importantly a game that sponsors will not hesitate to sponsor. Based on that, decide your potential and time you will invest. You have to choose a certain game that is popular and people would want to watch the streams. Only after being a professional and invested player start streaming. Your potential will attract viewers and your skills will keep them stuck by you.


Fix a certain time when you can stream regularly. Try to build a pattern and stick to it. This way your viewers will always know about your streams and you won’t have to inform each and every time. 


Communicate a lot. If you are chatting only, focus on it. It’s better to use a microphone and a webcam instead. That way you’ll be able to engage more. If you see new viewers call out their usernames, try replying to their comments and appreciate them for joining your chat. Entertain them with jokes or anything that you are good at. Build a one-to-one connection with them.


Make sure you come up with great title ideas because that will lead the viewers to click on it. Try to keep it direct with a bit of punk in it. Put in all your creativity and humor to select a perfect title.


Be the main character of your stream. You can dress up or put on anything fancy which will attract more viewers. If you find yourself funny or have an extra talent, use it for your benefit and dress up accordingly. Go for this option only if you think you’ll pull off a look.


This has turned out to be one of the most efficient ways of gaining and retaining viewers. Once in a while put something for the giveaway and in return, you get a lot of engagement and viewers. There are various unbiased websites available for picking winners. You can use one of them. Also, try to make the giveaway attractive.


You’ll definitely know your 4-5 followers who are very active and supportive audiences. Ask them to join the live chat or to play with you. Challenge them and give some pretty gifts for being your regulars. Practice this with new subscribers too so that they are also tuned in. You can do this quite frequently. This way they will always be attached to you. 


Apart from streaming, be active on your social handles as well and promote yourself there too. With passing days and growth on your social media, you might end up having some fan pages. Don’t forget to give them shoutouts and engage with them. Mention your achievements in bio and let people know what further your goals are.


Keep up with the updated devices and tools for your game quality to be up to the mark. This includes your background,lighting,microphone,webcam,stream Xbox or PlayStations. To upgrade your game and stream quality, use a professional and high-rated game streaming software for your stream Xbox. This will not only help you to add your content easily but also to engage with more viewers.


Increase your engagement and reach out to popular gaming communities or collaborators. When you join these communities, you get a mass amount of sharers. You get the privilege to get featured on their page and to collaborate with them. Through this, both the parties get advantages. 


Practicing hate can never be healthy for you as a streamer. There will be many who will come in your way to bring you down. But you have to face them and make sure it does not repeat. The easiest way is blocking them and ignoring them and the other option is calling them out. The first one is step 1 but if you notice that the limit is exceeding, call them out. Do it smartly, without spreading hate. You can use your sense of humor and reply to all the hate comments. Use hatred as a mode of fun to entertain your viewers and turn negativity into positivity. You as a streamer will be a role model. Do not try anything to harm that position.


There is no definite goal to this. You have to always aspire for more. Hard work is the key to success. Remember to have a good time. Enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t enjoy your streams, have fun, your viewers will also get bored of you. Create some innovative ideas for your stream. Do it your way. Keep the authenticity. Buying fake followers and viewers will backstab you at a certain point of time. So, without indulging yourself in these, focus on your potential and hard work. Take small and easy steps but never lose hope. Creating a community of yours is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time, patience, and determination. Also, don’t get very harsh on yourself and take days off once in a while. GROW AND LET OTHERS GROW.