Getting leads in the roofing business is a tough feat to achieve as it’s a cutthroat industry. This is a constant battle that requires persistence, a foolproof strategy, patience, and adequate money for marketing. However, no matter the number of businesses you are competing with, as long as you are providing top-notch services and implementing the latest marketing practices, your business will surely grow and prosper over time. Nowadays, the marketing tactics used to promote businesses have changed a lot. Marketing gurus suggest using several offline and online marketing strategies collectively to stand out in the market. In this article, we will share with you proven tips and strategies which can be practiced to bring in clients and help you grow in this competitive industry.

Traditional Mail

Mailing your potential clients can work wonders if executed appropriately. Never mail the customers with written information that is visually unappealing. Instead, go for catchy brochures and leaflets that portray your achievements as a successful roofing company, provide authentic information, and address common problems by giving solutions. You have the liberty to run a mail campaign on your own if you have adequate resources or hire mail campaign companies that provide marketing services and claim to improve sales.

Door Knocking Campaigns

Sending marketing employees to the doorstep of your customers might seem like a primitive marketing technique but it works well in the roofing business. To make a similar campaign successful, adequate planning is necessary so that fewer resources can be utilized to give the maximum results. Newly developing areas, urban housing, societies, and housing areas damaged by environmental hazards can be appropriate places to begin the campaign. If you have the capital to spend, surveys can be conducted in areas that you think would require roofing services. Nowadays people feel unconfident if someone approaches their doorstep without prior notice or an invitation. To take care of similar situations, always hire pros who can represent the business well and know how to break a deal.

Expand Your Reach

As a roofing business owner, maintain an attitude that helps your company grow without over worrying about your competitors. Refining your abilities and quality of service will naturally help you be recognized as a reliable brand. Furthermore, try to communicate with people related to the roofing industry and collaborate with them to create a strategic partnership that benefits both parties. Joining contractor unions and arranging meetings with them will also aid in getting more clients. Getting connected with local communities is a great move to introduce yourself and the offered services. You can host a symposium to invite property dealers and real estate developers. Educational-based seminars explaining your services can be organized at the event. Nevertheless, don’t forget to arrange a lunch or dinner as a goodwill gesture for their time.

Roof Inspection

There are plenty of roofing businesses that provide similar services, but those who don’t compromise on their work ethics and provide quality services stand out. A great strategy to boost your client’s count is by offering free cost estimation and roof inspection services. This strategy might feel difficult to carry out, however, it has the potential to convert customers into potential clients.

Inspecting roofs will allow you to identify issues with the roofing and educate the consumer on the potential problems that could occur if the issues are left unattended. Informing the property owners of the problems instills trust in the provided services that can lead to increased sales. Consistently providing services like this is crucial for the business. Therefore, whenever you receive a request for a free roof inspection, contact the clients immediately and inform them when to expect an inspection team. Over time, maintaining the quality of services will ultimately help your company develop a positive brand identity. Furthermore, satisfied clients will more likely recommend you to others for roofing issues.

Build Digital Presence

In this technological era, taking your business over the internet is crucial as online presence converts to leads. The first thing to do is to create a fully functional website that portrays your service, tells visitors why to trust you for roofing purposes, and provides relevant educational material in the form of blogs for increased traffic. The content quality of the website will mainly determine whether the individual visiting your website will stay to explore more or leave.

Besides having a website, optimizing the websites’ content is also necessary to improve rankings. There are different ways you can climb up the search engine rankings and increase your website’s reach. One of them is to explore the range of optimization services offered by different types of companies catering to the specific requirements of the roofing business. Therefore, take your time to understand your requirements, consider each option before choosing, and compare the services with each other for a clear perspective. Companies like these can be contacted easily over the internet so if you have time, make an appointment to discuss the SEO marketing strategy they suggest and share your concerns if any.

Still, remember that search engine optimization requires time to be able to produce results. It may take up to 6 months for a website or related content to be picked up and ranked by the algorithms used by search engines.

Running Ad Campaigns

Only going for search engine optimization might suffice an aspiring roofing business but if you want to get lots of leads, consider setting aside a budget for the campaign. Most ad campaign pros charge their customers upfront for services even before starting a campaign. However, several tech giants offer to run ad campaigns or PPC campaigns according to your requirements. For example, if you want to target customers within a specified area, your campaign ad will show up on their digital devices. There are even some companies that charge you per click. This means that you will only pay for the ads that are clicked on and viewed.

These pay-per-click campaigns (PPCs) can be scheduled for greater reach to customers. The campaigns can be easily monitored through PPC tools readily available in the market for the best possible analysis. PPC tools can be used to run, schedule, and optimize ad campaigns with ease. You also have the option to hire PPC campaign professionals providing their services for businesses and companies which don’t have the time or expertise to manage on their own.

Keyword Optimization

Placing the right keyword in your ad can make a huge difference. There might be thousands of potential clients searching for roofing companies. Improve your reach over to these clients by placing high-ranking low competition keywords accordingly. When selecting a keyword, pick the short ones, precise, and focus on the services you offer. If you have expertise in keyword optimization, doing it yourself would be great. However, you can also hire industry-related SEO experts to help manage everything for the best possible outcomes.

Testing Your Ads

Take a look as well at the ad you will be using for the campaigns and evaluate for any errors, spelling mistakes, and functionality. Make sure that the link provided has a bounce rate of over 50%. Furthermore, experiment with different ad styles and test each of them to figure out which ones would suit your ad campaign the best.

Provide Value

As mentioned earlier, you can use your website to educate visitors on roofing issues and address these problems by providing the possible options to consider. Creating landing pages that offer valuable information to the visitor will leave a positive impression. You can make a landing strategy to take visitors to your offered services. For example, if an individual is looking for roofing leak repairs, creating a landing page specifically to address these issues will leave a great impression and even influence the user to explore additional services. You might need to create several landing pages for different types of repair and maintenance services that your company is offering. Furthermore, if you conduct business operations on a national level, creating a nationwide landing page alongside several landing pages catering to different cities is necessary.

Build Your Reputation

As you are offering services to customers, it’s important to never compromise on the quality of services offered. This determination will assist in building up your reputation as a reliable business. Collecting testimonials from clients and asking them for their feedback can also assist in developing your brand image. It’s a natural human instinct to endorse testimonials and positive reviews for a product or service. It might take a bit of time to see the influence of these reviews, until then, work your way up at a steady pace to get the best results. A brand presence can also be established on popular social media platforms to give your business a boost in terms of sales.

The roofing business is a challenging market where it takes time, persistence, and most importantly, the right action plan for a prosperous business. As you might need to work on improving various aspects of marketing, try dividing your goals into actionable milestones, appreciate your successes, and learn from your mistakes for the best results.

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