The shoes are one of the most crucial components in the wardrobe. They help protect your feet from injury, parasites, elements, and infectious material. They also help complement your outfit and maintain a good look when attending to important occasions. When engaging in sporting activities, there are also shoes specially designed to protect your feet from moisture damage, injuries, and strains. The list is literally endless when it comes to the functions of shoes.

However, footwear can also pose various dangers. For instance, they can act as vehicles in the spread of disease and infections. They may also carry allergens and dirt from public places, not to mention introducing foul odors in indoor environments if they are not well maintained. Forgive the rather lengthy introduction, here are four good reasons why you should keep your shoes sanitized.

1. You Visit Public Places Often 

As mentioned already, footwear is often a common vehicle in the spread of disease pathogens. When you walk in public areas, there is a chance that your shoes could collect infectious material through the sole or other parts, and these could end up in your home.

This is often a major concern amid the prevalent covid-19 pandemic around the globe. As the folks at put it, sanitizing your shoes can help prevent the spread of pathogenic organisms of concern. UVC radiation is specifically quite effective in sanitizing nonporous surfaces as well as air and water that might have been contaminated by pathogens. No wonder it makes a great sanitizer for shoes.

2. To Keep a Clean and Healthy Home 

In most cases, leaving the shoes outside is recommended to avoid the risks of bringing viruses and bacteria indoors. However, this may not always be applicable. In some scenarios, shoes could be stolen or damaged if left outside. Walking barefoot is also associated with certain health challenges.

In this case, cleaning and sanitizing the shoes become the most reliable alternative. It helps keep a cleaning home while barring the entry of pathogens, thus keeping you and your family healthy. Always clean the shoes first before disinfecting them. Using all-purpose wipes, remove dirt and grime out of the soles and sides of your shoes. Here’s a detailed guide for you: How to clean white shoes, it’s a great article published by Loom Footwear, which will tell you some ultimate ways to clean your shoes and make them last longer. With this, you can also keep your footwear shiny and free of scuffs or unpleasant odors from the insides.

3. When Visiting Someone’s Home (It’s A Polite Gesture) 

When visiting someone else’s home, the last thing you want is to get inside with dusty or muddy. It can appear impolite. Stinking shoes may also be embarrassing to you and the host. This is why in some places, it is considered a polite gesture to remove your shoes at someone’s door unless they insist you keep them on. Even then, having a shoe sanitizer comes in handy. You can use disposable wipes to get rid of dust and any grime from your shoe surfaces and soles before getting in, so you don’t leave footprints of dirt on the floor. Especially when you visited unannounced, the host won’t feel the urgent need to clean after you when you leave.

4. It Can Benefit Your Business 

Now that it is clear how footwear can be a great spreader of infectious pathogens, many businesses are more cautious. They are extra careful when letting their visitors, customers, and even employees into their premises. Apart from hand washing facilities and mask policies, you may not enter some business premises without sanitizing your shoes. This means that you could miss an appointment or fail to show up at work just because your shoes appear unsanitary.

This principle can also come in handy for business owners. With ozone and UVC shoe sanitizers at the entryway, you are actually showing customers that you mind their safety and wellbeing. It shows you have measures in place to ensure a healthy business environment for all. It helps protect you, your employees, and customers from harmful and potentially deadly pathogens. Well, these extra safety measures are more common in labs and hospitals. However, higher-traffic areas like malls, transit stations, and bars may benefit from shoe sanitization in the post-Covid era.

Our hands, surfaces, and clothes are not the only things that can be contaminated with germs. The shoes also collect a great deal of pathogenic material from the ground, surfaces, and aerosol droplets. This is the main reason why shoes also need sanitizing from time to time.

Nonetheless, shoe sanitization can have several benefits to you, your business, your family, and the people around you. The above few points will hopefully convince you of the importance of sanitizing your shoes.

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