Getting into an unfortunate event like being accused of a crime you are unaware of is really an unnatural and mentally challenging place to be. For individuals like you who cannot even think of committing a crime, resolving the issue might not be as simple as it seems. These legal issues require professional help, and defense attorneys would be the right choice in getting things done accordingly. If you have been accused, charged, or arrested for a crime you did not commit, the law gives you the right to prove your innocence in court. This process might be a long and stressful one, but it will surely get you proven not guilty. Without wasting any more time, let’s read on as we share with you the things you have to keep in mind if you have been wrongfully accused of a crime. 

Refrain From Giving Statements

According to the law, you have the right to remain silent. Even if law enforcement officers ask you repeatedly, you can refuse them and not give any form of a statement that could be used as admittance or evidence against you in court. A police officer must sieve out every single bit of information that could link you to the crime. So, never stress yourself out or get angry at something you were not involved in. Try to calmly refuse to answer every interrogatory question and try to stay as calm as possible. Moreover, never confront anyone if they accuse you of a crime. Nowadays, even your text, call, or message over social media can be used against you. Therefore, be aware of everything that’s happening around you and act responsibly. 

Hiring An Attorney

As a constitutional right, you can refuse to talk to law enforcement until you have an attorney by your side. The law permits you to talk to your attorney as soon as you have been accused or arrested. If law enforcement refuses your request to contact your attorney, the evidence provided by them can be rendered ineligible for court use. You can find several law firms and Super Lawyers that claim to emphasize and strive for your civil rights, negotiate with law enforcement on your behalf, and mediate the process for quick and favorable results. Nowadays, lawyers and attorneys are going niche-specific. This means that there are lawyers out there offering to take up specific cases. In a scenario where you have been wrongfully accused, a defense attorney would be the best option for effective and favorable results. 

Ask For Legal Orders

If you are accused of a crime, it’s a possibility that law enforcement will try to search your house, vehicles, or any property you own. When confronting these officers, ask them to produce a warrant and read it thoroughly. In every court order, the judge always states the reason why the search is being conducted. If the law enforcement personnel fail to produce a warrant, you have the right to stop them from searching. 

Prepare An Alibi

As advised by top lawyers, writing an alibi can support your case when in court. Take your time and record the facts that prove your innocence. As soon as you get informed about any wrongful accusation, start gathering evidence of the incident, your whereabouts during recent days, and related information. Remember to carefully record any witness or evidence that could prove that you were not at the same place when the crime occurred. This type of evidence holds a key position and supports your alibi, proving that you were not involved in the crime. However, it’s still up to the judge to decide whether the evidence you provided is valid or not. 

Avoid Confrontation

In most cases, there is a person who accuses someone of a crime. Even if you come to know the person who accused you, avoid any form of communication and don’t try to confront them regarding the accusation. Doing this is necessary as these confrontations can cause any party to lash out at the other.

These were some tips that you can keep in mind so that you know the steps to take after a wrongful criminal accusation. This is because any mistake in the court can result in a conviction. Hiring a law firm or an attorney that only specializes in dealing with criminal defense cases is an option to consider only to get effective results. False accusations can occur due to several reasons that include forensic evidence, misidentification, police negligence, or a planned wrongful confession. While these scenarios are really difficult to go through, staying calm and only pursuing your case legally can help in the removal of wrongful accusations.