For a mobile game to be popular, to be successful in the circles of gamers, and to generate income for the developer company, it must be not only of high quality but also interesting. The first thing that users pay attention to even before downloading or purchasing an application is the plot. A company needs good ideas to create something worthwhile. Game development begins with an idea. And it is created by a team of developers.

Everything is interconnected here: a good team creates good ideas. After there is a vision of what kind of game you need to get, the developers come into work. It is great programmers who bring the idea to life, turning it into a real, worthwhile product that brings success and income to the company.

Today the labor market is in dire need of qualified specialists in the development of mobile applications and computer games. There are a lot of proposals from potential candidates and everyone’s resume promises that you are facing the world’s best software developer for mobile gadgets and PCs. How do you know that this is really the case and hire experienced specialists, having assembled a highly effective team of programmers? Before you hire video game developer, you need to decide on such points as the composition of the team and options for finding developers.

Composition of the team of programmers for creating games

To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand that many people are involved in the development of one game, and not one developer. The team consists of a 3D fashion designer, a specialist in charge of sound, quality, safety, a tester, an animation and visual arts professional. The difficulty of the game determines the number of people in the team. For example, for the production of a cool computer game, you will need from 18 to 25 specialists, each of whom is responsible for separate tasks.

Don’t think that one person is incapable of creating a complete game that will be successful. A striking example of this is the Vietnamese Dong Nguyen, who personally created a program called Flappy Bird, which is known all over the world today.

When assembling a team, today it is necessary to take into account such innovations as:

  • mixed reality;
  • augmented reality;
  • virtual reality.

The team should have specialists who understand these issues. Games that incorporate these technologies are currently enjoying great success and demand among consumers of different age groups.

Ways to find a game development team

This is not an easy task due to the abundance of offers on the labor market. To make it easier for yourself, you can use the following methods:

  1. Start by looking at suggestions in game developer communities such as Develteam, TIGSource, and IndieDB.
  2. There are reliable freelance platforms with many offers from programmers. For example, you can take a look at UpWork.
  3. A great solution and one of the safest is to contact a recruiting agency for game designers for hire as they have their own talent base and the best IT recruiting deals.
  4. Online game developer communities can offer good options too.
  5. You can integrate conference networking into your search campaign.
  6. Telegram channels and popular, topical social networks will help.

Experts recommend start with recruiting agencies, as this is an opportunity to assemble a quality team and protect yourself from various risks.

Important nuances in the selection of the team of programmers for game development

Before you start looking for and hiring people to create a game, you need to understand what technologies should be used in the process of creating it and what product concept to adhere to. The idea, genre and style of the game will also help specialists understand what the customer requires and perform the work at the highest level.

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