Using a pulsed electromagnetic field is especially good for boosting the body’s metabolism, reviving its healing properties, and helping people feel energized. It is especially good for conditions that are pretty challenging to manage through traditional drug therapy.

However, one of the problems with the perception of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is that people view it as a therapy that is good for a few things only. People believe that all such therapies work similarly and have similar benefits. But, that is far from true.

It is essential to understand that experts can create unique remedies by modulating the electromagnetic wave pattern. They can create something that is especially good in specific disease conditions. Thus, some electromagnetic pulses are good for boosting bone healing, and others have energizing effect on the body.

BEMER is one such unique form of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It mainly focuses on boosting microcirculation. A treatment that significantly targets small blood vessels.

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BEMER therapy may help in multiple ways

BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) help by providing weak magnetic field energy to body cells and tissues, thus helping stimulate or revive their function

It is especially good for stimulating blood flow in various body tissues and improving healing processes, but more importantly, it focuses on enhancing blood flow to the organs.

One can consider BEMER therapy when living with low energy, constant fatigue, chronic pains, poorly healing wounds, chronic ailments, and similar issues.

One of the issues with is trying to understand how it can help in various disease conditions. It is because it has a much broader activity. It helps in many ways, and not all its mechanism of action is understood, though science knows it works.

Researchers think that one way it helps is through the so-called resonance effect. Continuous resonance helps open up long-closed capillaries and small blood vessels and thus revive the blood flow.

However, more challenging is to understand the mechanism of BEMER at the molecular level. It also appears to affect vascular endothelium. It may have a role in increasing NO production, thus resulting in vasodilation.

Imaging of vessels after repeated BEMER sessions show that it causes increased vasomotion resulting in increased oxygen supply to various tissues. The therapy also increases the red blood flow speed and volume.

Additionally, it provides much-needed energy to various tissues, which may help boost multiple metabolic processes.

Some studies indicate that it may also help reduce free radicals and thus exert a protective action on the various body tissues.

Prolonged and regular therapy use for a few weeks may also help stimulate angiogenesis (formation of new micro blood vessels). This would considerably improve the formation of new blood vessels in specific tissues.

Studies show that BEMER is not only good for symptomatic relief but may considerably improve quality of life. It helps relieve fatigue and improve mood. In addition, prolonged use means that it considerably reduces pain scores.

BEMER is safe and clinically proven

BEMER therapy may be especially good when combined with other non-pharmacological means like physiotherapy or massage therapy.

Some studies show that it could be suitable even for more severe conditions like low back pain, knee pain, and other rheumatologic diseases. It is especially good for rehabilitation.

In one of the studies in 50 patients with chronic low back pain and knee pains, researchers found that BEMER therapy could help considerably. It is especially good when combined with physiotherapy. Generally, one can expect considerable benefit from painful conditions with three weeks of treatment.

What is good about BEMER treatment is that it is pretty good for prolonged use, which is essential in chronic painful conditions.

To conclude, BEMER therapy can help reduce pain and fatigue. It is especially good for managing chronic pain conditions. However, one may also use it regularly to prevent chronic ailments and boost energy levels.

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