As an online explorer or as a game lover, you might have wondered about the number of funds generated by some famous games, such as the League of Legends. You may also be contemplating the owners of these games and how much they earn in a single day, especially after having a million people playing the game after paying a certain subscription fee. The good thing is that although some of these questions could be cutting across your minds, you have landed on the right page. In this article, I will seek to explore some of these concerns and help you understand the amount of funds riot games make by hosting some of these famous games, such as the League of Legends.

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The Business Model of Riot Games

Riot games refer to a North American developer and a publisher of video games and eSports organizer founded by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill back in 2006. Therefore, Riot Games generates a lot of revenue from gaming companies through in-game purchases, advertisements, sponsorship revenues from tournaments broadcasted via YouTube channels, streaming rights, and corporate sponsorship. The riot games also generate funds by selling games-related merchandise to various online stores. One of the games that benefit the service of Riot Games is League of Legends. The aspect indicates that Riot Games has been generating a lot of funds via this online gaming that is adored across the globe through its popularity.


At least all the micro-transactions carried out in the League of Legends are either cosmetic-related or a shortcut to unlocking champions. As a game lover, you need to understand that the real-life currency used in this gaming is commonly known as Riot Points. These points are, in turn, spent on championships that exist in the game, skins, and even in the runs. Although these championships and runs can be purchased using other currencies, people prefer using these points, dramatically influencing the League of Legends’ rate of popularity. As you continue playing, you can find your LOL MMR and estimate the number of ranking improvements you require to advance your level.

Generation of Funds

Like any other online gaming, the league of Legends generates a lot of funds from various sources. Recent statistics show that the League of Legends is the second-highest game in whopping funds generated by a free-to-play game on different P.C. The League of Legends has whooped more than $20.6 billion through these free-to-play games. For instance, in 2020, the gaming generated more than 1.75 billion U.S dollars through the online battle arena hosted by Riot Games. The aspect means that even if the Riot Games charges the League of Legends at least 30% of the total amount generated, the host earns at least 0.53 billion U.S dollars from this gaming. This is a good amount worth the investment. Right?

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, hosting online has been one of the ways the Riot of Games generates funds. The best thing about it is that it hosts popular games such as the League of Legends with a considerable large following hence generating a good amount of funds.