Buying gifts for children that foster their creativity may be a better choice than buying toys. Children learn to use their imagination and have a hands-on experience while getting to see the results of their work. 

But what types of creative kids gifts are perfect for kids? What gift do ideas inspire creativity? If you’re looking for gifts for children and need ideas on how to help them find that creative spark, here is five creative gift ideas. 

1. Art Supplies

Art supplies like paints, coloring pencils, sketchbooks, markers for acrylic painting, paint brushes, and more can keep children entertained for hours. Art supply sets come fully stocked with almost everything you need to keep your little one’s hands busy and creating. 

Be sure to grab some art smocks or aprons to protect their clothes. This can be a bonus because they’ll feel like a true artist. 

2. Build Your Own Fort

Children who play with building materials like toy blocks increase their creativity, social, and motor skills. While many children may choose to build forts with blankets, pillows, and chairs, you can increase the complexity of building by gifting them a “build your own fort” system. 

These systems come with a variety of materials that help them think outside the box and construct a unique fort. 

3. Sewing Set

Do you have a child who’s intrigued by sewing? The good news is that with the right materials and tools, kids can learn to sew, too. Sewing kits provide felt, kid-friendly sewing tools, extra accessories like buttons or googly eyes, and booklets that teach them the steps to make animals, shapes, or anything else they’d like. 

Besides sewing, other handy crafts like crocheting or knitting often keep kids’ attention for a long time. It also improves their hand-eye coordination and allows them to tap into those creative juices. 

4. Cookbook

If you cook, and you have a child who is longing to help you in the kitchen, try a kid-friendly cookbook. These types of cookbooks encourage kids’ culinary skills while keeping it simple, yet tasty. Cooking also introduces them to methods of science, chemistry, and artistry.

In many cases, depending on the age of your child, they will need parental supervision in the kitchen, so be prepared!

5. Subscription Boxes

If you’re spent trying to keep your child busy with creative ideas, try a monthly subscription box. These boxes come fully stocked with materials and instructions needed to create unique pieces like lanterns, small robots, and so forth. Not only that, but your child will love getting their own package in the mail and will look forward to it every month. 

For many subscription boxes, you can choose the duration. You can have the boxes delivered monthly on a 3- or 6-month basis. 

Grab These Creative Kids Gifts!

Creative kid’s gifts offer something that toys don’t: the ability to improve and inspire your child’s creativity! Gifts that inspire creativity will have a lasting effect on your child for many years and may even spur a love for art and crafting. 

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