Are you tired of looking for suitable employees for your company and failing? Selecting a candidate for your company can be an extremely tough job. You have to make sure they match every detail needed for the work, plus they should be well mannered and maintain the decorum of the environment. Other things also need to be seen before hiring anyone, and sometimes you miss out on one or two things and end up with a team member who does not match your criteria. 

Writing a detailed job description and what the job offers to people is an important part before beginning the hiring process. That job description attracts a suitable candidate and only people who understand how the job works will be coming in to give interviews!

Sometimes, going through the whole hiring process takes a toll on your company as it takes a lot of time, plus thousands are spent arranging for interviews. To make things easier for you, we have got a list of some ways you can practice to improve your efficiency in finding the best suitable candidate for your company! 

1. Using an Applicant Tracking System: 

Many methods are used to make things easier for the hiring committee. One of which uses the advanced technology of ATS ( Applicant tracking system), which allows the hiring committee to track the applications for the particular job. 

In this way, the recruiters have the track records of the applicants throughout the hiring period, from their job applications to their offer letters. 

Primus Workforce’s job search and applicant dashboard in Canada, has both the ability to track activity and job search. With such an ATS it is easier for the hiring committee to have automated communication with the applicants, which helps them to hold on to the elite candidates for the job. 

Since ATS helps to track every detail of the candidate, it also helps to track from where the candidates are getting to know about the vacancy of the job. It can be online, through a website or boardings or your social media pages. It helps them focus more on the avenues, gathering more applicants for the job or taking down the ad from the places it is least getting suitable candidates from.

So, before starting your selection process for hiring, make sure you are using this tool! You can have a list of the best tools available on the internet with the reviews of people who personally use them. 

2. Writing a Perfect Job Description:

Many companies fail to receive a lack of responses from suitable candidates. What could be the reason behind that? Well, studies show that having a weak job description hinders the selection process because even though the job is perfect for the candidates, they fail to recognize the key factors present in it. After all, Job listings didn’t describe it well in the hiring campaigns, resulting in decreased application rates.  

To write an outstanding job description, the hiring committee should also focus on the inspirational and motivational outcomes of the job apart from listing the work required by the team member. The job description should be answering the question of why the candidate should be applying for the said position in the company and why it might be the best choice for their life and career. 

Don’t forget to mention the key details of the job such as timings, or if its a remote or an on-location job, the role of the worker, a summary of company’s high points, a little background about the founders of the company and last but not the least the “MUST HAVE” portion which should be followed for the applicants before applying for the job. It is known that sometimes men apply for the job if it matches 60% of their requirements and unnecessary details, which often leads to additional time in searching for appropriate candidates, costing you extra time, effort, and resources. That is why, by having a “Must have” requirement portion, you can save a lot of your time and only attract people who have the potential to become your company’s assets.

3. Organizing Employee Referral Programs:

Campaigning for the jobs is also a crucial part of the selection process. There are so many sites built specifically to hunt for employees, but those sites do not always produce the best results. It would be best if you thought of new ideas for a job listing uniquely. Sometimes bigger sites do not work well for you, but smaller sites or social networking sites may produce wonder for you. It is known, LinkedIn is one of the best social networking sites for a job listing. It has its way of attracting great application and also provides a better place for job hunters too. Facebook job advertisement also is a good place for job listing and can attract many potential candidates. 

These are the steps taken by almost every company out there. A job listing on social media or websites is still one of the most used ways to attract applications, but there is something else you can do to make the selection process slightly easier and better for you. Organizing Employee Referral programs is a unique way of recruiting employees. In this program, the existing team member refers to the best possible candidate for the said position in your company. There are more pros to this technique than cons as the existing team member is already aware of your company’s requirement from the new team member. They know the goals, environment, culture, etiquette, and requirements of the job, which can help them refer only that person to the selection committee who can fit in the role well according to them. 

In order to make their search relevant and perfect, you can offer a prize for them too, which will make them work harder and they will think twice before referring the new potential member to the hiring committee, thus resulting in a better selection process.

4. Breaking communication gap between hiring committee and candidates:

After choosing the candidate for the role in your company and waiting for their reply, make sure the chain of communication between the hiring committee and candidates is never broken. If the candidate is elite, there is a possibility that they have applied to another company too and maybe waiting to hear from them too. In this case, if you break the communication and do not leave them messages like checking up on them by simply asking if they are considering the proposal or letting them know that you are considering hiring them can do wonders. If they are not hearing from you and don’t know whether you are hiring them, they won’t wait and simply go on for the other offers provided by other companies! So make sure you are always at the top of their inbox until they say yes to the job.

5. Promoting existing staff:

One of the great ways to improve your hiring process is to cut short on the chase for a new team member and promote your existing employees. No one knows the details of the job better than your current employees, so if you have a chance to promote your employees and they match the job description, do it! Before looking out for a new one, It will save your time in training the new one. You can always lookout for new employees for less demanding positions as they do not require extra hours of training!

Working on these skills may make your selection process for hiring a lot easier and less time-consuming. It will help you grow as a company instead of wasting your time only looking out for new recruits!

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