Some home improvement projects can be easily done the DIY way. However, when it comes to major home projects such as adding a bathroom, kitchen remodeling, or a full house renovation, you’d need professional help. But whom should you call?

Professional home builders have different specializations. For example, a woodworker knows how to build cabinetry, cupboards, ceiling, and all other wood-related jobs but they aren’t skilled with plumbing works. Meanwhile, a handyman might have several skills like replacing fixtures in your bathroom, adding lighting in your living room, or switching up cabinets in the kitchen for a facelift. But if you’re doing a major home renovation that entails new construction or changing the layout, you’d need a general contractor.

What are General Contractors?

General contractors usually handle major home and commercial projects. Unlike skilled workers, plumbers, handymen, or other home improvement professionals, general contractors are the “big picture” thinkers. They oversee the completion of the entire project – from design down to project turnover.

In contrast, subcontractors specialize in specific construction areas, such as carpentry, electricity, civil works, plumbing, glass installation, etc. Their work is limited to a particular task.

General contracting services come with a team of professionals composed of architects, engineers, project managers, and any other skilled worker necessary for the project. Sometimes they enlist third-party subcontractors for a particular job. General contractors work closely with the owner to ensure that the project proceeds as planned. They serve as the point person for the entire project.

Major home or commercial renovation projects are typically complicated and time-consuming. Even experienced builders understand that to keep a project organized and successful, it needs someone to overlook all the project processes. Hiring a general contractor offers many benefits.

Why Hire a General Contractor?

Here are five reasons for hiring a general contractor for your construction project.

Save time

General contractors are great in time management. They can help ensure that the project proceeds as planned. They are responsible for scheduling and timing of manpower, deliveries, and subcontractors on-site. Proper coordination among suppliers and personnel is crucial to keep the project moving toward timely completion and avoid any delays. They will also ensure that problems are resolved immediately so the construction runs smoothly.

Save money

General contractors reduce errors and wastages which means more savings. They know where to get high-quality supplies without breaking the bank. In most cases, they buy materials in bulk so you get them at a lower cost.

To ensure future contracts, subcontractors often charge a lower rate when doing work under a general contractor than under the building owner. According to contractors at AFSGeneral Contracting, this competitive environment benefits the project.

In addition, general contractors have a ready budget to keep the project running. This avoids unnecessary delays due to subcontractors asking for an upfront fee or the unavailability of supplies. These contractors have a reputation to protect so they ensure that the project is completed within the budget.


Looking for reliable and trustworthy suppliers and subcontractors can be tough, especially if it is your first time. You need to carefully vet all potential providers. Similarly, subcontractors and skilled workers are also selective when it comes to projects that they accept. Suppliers and subcontractors tend to be more responsive to general contractors. This is because they have had previous projects in the past and hope to work with them on future contracts.

By hiring general contractors, you can take advantage of their connections in the local construction industry as well as local authorities. Not only with the suppliers, but also when it comes to paperwork, permits, and licensing.

Licensed and insured

General contractors are licensed in the state or local jurisdiction. This ensures that they know the laws, standards, and regulations in your area. Compliance with building and environmental code avoids unwanted penalties or even lawsuits and guarantees the quality of the project. Take note that construction codes and requirements may vary depending on your area. General contractors are familiar with the local variations.

The general contractor has liability insurance for workers in case of an emergency or accident and someone is hurt while at the site. They also see to it that safety standards are implemented on-site to prevent unwanted mishaps.

Better outcomes

Lastly, general contractors can guarantee faster completion, higher quality, and better outcomes of your project. Their experience in the various aspects of the construction process proves useful in ensuring better results. In case unavoidable problems arise, the contractor will know what to do, how to solve the problem, and who to call. As the overseer of the entire project, the general contractor makes crucial decisions with the ultimate goal of completing the project as planned.

To conclude, construction projects are a major investment, and hiring an experienced general contractor guarantees the best return in the long term.

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