The supplement industry tends to be fairly competitive. Because of this, it’s often harder for brands to develop lasting customer service strategies. Without the right customer service strategies, it’s harder for supplement brands to stand out, attract customers, and retain buyers. That’s why so many health and wellness businesses depend on call center software with interactive voice response technology (IVR).

IVR offers several benefits to supplement businesses worldwide. From its ability to guide the customer journey to its added support for sales and service teams, IVR is a critical business tool. Here’s what you need to know.

IVR Offers Added Support During High-Demand Periods.

During your busiest times, even the most capable support teams have difficulty managing high customer demand. This often requires you to juggle callers, route phone calls to live agents and set up callback queues. Without IVR menus, this is much harder to navigate, especially if you’re using an outdated phone system. When you’re selling dietary supplements, it’s important to develop customer touchpoints, even if agents aren’t available. An IVR menu offers self-service options, allows callers to leave messages, and uses voice response prompts to set automated callbacks.

This is especially beneficial for the overall customer experience. For example, whether you’re selling liquids, gummies, soft gels, or other supplement manufacturing products, an IVR application allows customers to access personal information, review order statuses, check payment due dates, and view other account details. In addition, with custom formulations and menu selections, you can quickly modify any of your call flow options with ease. This means that you can use interactive voice responses to address several customer service needs and requests.

IVR Technology Helps You Gauge Customer Satisfaction.

It’s important to apply as much customer data as you can. Especially for a dietary supplement manufacturer, your brand reputation is critical to your success. That’s because many customers gravitate toward nutritional supplements with high customer satisfaction scores. Many brands use customer satisfaction metrics to track overall brand performance. With an interactive voice response system, you can use post-call surveys to ask customers questions concerning formulation, quality standards, concerns, and feedback.

You can also use this technology to reduce dropped calls and improve call completion rates. If you want to prevent dropped calls and hang-ups, following conversational IVR best practices can assist you in enriching the customer’s on-hold experience. Lengthy hold times, wait periods, and callback queues can cause customers to hang up or decline further service. With a stronger on-hold experience, it’s easier to maintain customer touchpoints and retain buyers. With virtual assistant technology, you can make automated wait time announcements for customers in a hold queue, manage your call flow, and navigate callback requests. Your IVR call flow can help you spot customer satisfaction trends and use these to your advantage.

You Can Streamline Mundane Tasks.

When working with dietary supplement products, it’s important to focus on a better customer experience. However, you should develop a better employee experience as well. With IVR software, you can use menu options to help representatives connect to the right agents for complex questions and navigate high call volumes by routing any routine calls or questions. This helps provide general information, which leads to happy customers and frees up your customer service agents for more complex, involved questions or multichannel requests. In addition, this helps ensure that your customer service team is flexible and adaptable for a variety of situations.

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Running a manufacturing brand that specializes in dietary supplements means using the appropriate tools to maintain the highest quality customer service. When you combine this with good manufacturing practice, you can empower service agents and grow stronger customer relationships.