Logo designs are tools that represent a brand, product, service, or business, and the unique representation makes a lasting impression on target audiences. A design with good versatility and scalability makes brands in Melbourne stand tall among the audiences since it grabs interest.

Logo designers consider all the fundamentals in their design creations that strategically accommodate the brand message and develop compositions that help brands and businesses in Melbourne grow and succeed significantly. The custom logos From Melbourne experts at BrandVillage help you design tailored logo designs for your brands in Melbourne, reflecting the brand’s message and details about the deliverables, providing a chance for brands and businesses in Melbourne to stand out from their competitors.

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Importance Of Logo Designs- As Explained By Logo Design Professionals At Brandvillage

Logo designs are the branding tools or marketing strategies that help brands reach their target market. It works effectively since people notice it on many branding materials, and the effective ones usually grab interest, and people recall them if they maintain consistency and are unique.

Logo design professionals at BrandVillage emphasise creating compositions that effectively explain the values and ideas of a business through the incorporated signs, text, shapes, and elements. The effectiveness of a logo design is due to its timelessness and creating a memorable masterpiece.

Types Of Customised Logos For Businesses In Melbourne

Let us check a few customised logotypes that effectively communicate a brand’s narrative and reach a more extensive audience base.

● Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are complex geometric shapes in an image or symbol that represent a service or brand conceptually. Such logos have an extreme visual appeal since their versatility makes viewers feel connected and experience strong emotions. A few examples of abstract logos are Airbnb and NBC, where symmetrical patterns form specific shapes.

Symmetrical abstract logos are great for brands and businesses focusing on more natural and holistic purposes. Meanwhile, the geometric abstract logos of Mitsubishi and Adidas capture emotions and feelings.

● Combination Logos

Combination logos such as those of Pizza Hut narrate the brand’s narrative since they create a memorable visual. Such logos are flexible for branding when an ideal combination mark effectively represents a brand with separate or together elements.

● Emblems

Emblem logos are memorable and easily recognisable since they use abstract symbols, as used in Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and many other brands. These universal logos differentiate from others and are mainly used for car brands, sports teams, universities, etc.

Insider’s Secret – Custom Logo Design Process In Melbourne

● Client Brief:

The client brief is the initial phase of a logo design process since it helps designers understand their requirements and expectations for a design composition. It also helps to clearly understand some required style guides, their competitors, and their target market. 

● Research And Inspiration:

Research is crucial to understanding a business while designing a logo or representing a brand through the design. It helps understand the ideas and utilise them as inspiration during the design process. The user needs, preferences, and the product or service’s demands are known through in-depth research about the brand, target market, and competitive market. Inspiration through the research results in impactful and innovative logo creations.

● Concept Development:

Concept development is crucial during the logo design process since it directs the designers and helps them evaluate and structure it adequately before finalising and launching it. It also helps them make informed decisions when the logo design is at the concept development stage.

● Digital Drafting:

Once the concept development stage is completed, digital design drafting is initiated through the design tools, including Adobe Illustrator. It brings the concept of a design composition to life. A precise and clean design is created after the sketch’s rough lines are refined by adjusting its lines, propositions, and shapes.

● Feedback And Revisions:

Feedback from the team, client, and smaller audience helps improve the design and understand what is missing or working in a design. The revisions phase is primarily based on the feedback received before launching a design.

● Refinement And Finalisation:

Logo refinement is done by simplifying the composition, refining the details, choosing the correct elements and colours and testing it before finalising it. The ideal design files are chosen and processed per the client’s requirements.

● Presentation Of Final Design:

Logo presentation is crucial when the final design is created. This presentation is the initial impression that impacts the client and, after that, the target audience. A clear brief is given to the client using slides during the logo presentation. Explaining the features and strategy behind the design will help the client understand the design concept. 

● Delivery And Handover:

Delivering and handing over the logo design is the last phase of the logo design process. The designers deliver the files to the client after they are satisfied with the presentation and require no revisions in the design.

● Follow-Up And Support:

Since logo designs are exhibited through different print and digital materials and platforms, clients may need assistance in various situations. Follow-up and support after delivering the logo design satisfy clients and generate trust and confidence.


Logo designs in Melbourne have become a top priority of businesses to spread the brand voice among the masses since it is an integral part of businesses to succeed in the digital world. It fosters brand trust and loyalty, distinguishes the brand or business from others, represents a brand, creates a lasting impression, and is the basis of a brand’s digital presence and identity.

The design team at BrandVillage is skilled at developing and creating different logotypes, making the design process smoother through the secret tips shared in this guide. From client briefs, feedback, logo refining, and concept development to finalizing and presenting the design, their designers create a well-refined and finest composition that distinguishes them in Melbourne’s digital landscape.

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