As they say, there’s software for every type of business nowadays. Utilizing these tools and solutions might just help your business grow and will definitely make your customers happy. Even in the field of veterinary care, such solutions do exist and it might be time to invest in those as well.

Veterinary practice solutions hope to streamline the day-to-day operations of a clinic. It makes things easier for employees, doctors, and everyone inside the office. Of course, it makes appointments and other veterinary services feel like a breeze for the customers as well.

There are many types of veterinary solutions that you can invest in too. Knowing which ones to choose for your business can make or break your growth in the future. Understandably, not everyone has the know-how to pick which solutions are perfect additions to a clinic’s workflow.

The good news is that picking a good solution is easy. As long as you look out for these qualities, you can easily find the best practice management software for your clinic and you’ll be able to make your operations better in no time.


Reputation is very important when it comes to picking practice management software for veterinarians. It’s the same concept for when customers are looking for doctors to treat their pets. They only want the best of the best to handle the treatment. The same goes for when you pick the software.

Look at the history of the practice management software first. The first thing you should look for is any news or updates regarding any potential security flaws for the software. Of course, you should also check if the solution is constantly improving and growing.

The software you choose should not be as is years from your first purchase. A good practice management software will get updated with new features, bug fixes, and major changes regularly. These new features will allow for better practices in the future as well.


In this day and age, people value their data and privacy more than ever. Over the last couple of years, there have been many instances where big companies have had their servers hacked and this resulted in major data breaches. They were given heavy fines but the most harrowing of all is the lost trust for their audience.

For the most part, practice management software for veterinary practices is good. However, you can never shake the fact that hacks and data breaches are always a possibility especially if the software needs internet connectivity to work at its best.

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The practice management software you should get should be one that promises the best data security possible. This can not only prevent downtimes, but it can also effectively help ensure the safety and security of the data your customers share with you in confidence.

A good security measure for a solution would be encryption. The data should be encrypted once put in the solution. This will make it so that even if the servers are breached, the hackers are going to have to work a lot more to make use of your customer’s data.


Emergencies are very common in the field of veterinary care. It’s very important that clinics stay as accessible as possible as there will be times when they’ll have to respond to queries and emergency cases during the wee hours of the night. With that, it’s very important to have practice management software that’s easy to access.

When it comes to accessibility, you can’t go wrong with the cloud. Cloud-based software like Provet will give your clinic and the doctors easy access to the right data and tools they need wherever they are. Even before they reach the hospital, they’ll be able to easily manage emergency cases.

As the solution is highly accessible, it can also effectively increase the productivity of the veterinarians as well. Of course, there are a lot of upsides to using cloud-based software and accessibility is just one of them. It’s also important to note that cloud-based software tends to run faster as well.

In terms of accessibility, this also means that the solution should be usable on various platforms. It should have a desktop and a mobile version. This way, people can use the software regardless of what device they have. The good news is that most practice management software has this feature.

Productivity Features

Of course, the bread and butter of practice management software are the productivity features. These are the features that will effectively make things easier for you and your employees. The better the features are, the smoother the workflow of the practice will be.

A good example of a vital productivity feature is one that would allow veterinarians to easily input vital patient data. Data is a very important part of a veterinary clinic – especially one where there are a ton of regular clients. Veterinarians should be able to bring up any data from the database with a few taps.

Of course, this is just one example of a good productivity feature. A good productivity feature should help improve workflow while making sure that work isn’t rushed in any way. Carefully access the features that a management software promises and check whether it’s ideal for your business.

Training And Intuitiveness

One of the biggest concerns that most veterinary practices have when finally incorporating a practice management software into the clinic is that it will take time before everyone is able to adjust to the new addition. Ideally, the software should be very easy to understand.

It shouldn’t have to take a tech expert to make full use of the software. Intuitive software is one that has easy-to-navigate menus. The features and terms of the software should also be easy to understand. If veterinarians take time in learning how to use the software, then that’s a huge dent in productivity.

That being said, the developers of the solution should also be capable of giving the right training to users of the software. This is to ensure that clinics are able to fully maximize the use of the software. Good training can help veterinary clinics adjust to the new software as fast as possible.

Pricing And Free Trial

Of course, the price of the software is an important factor as well. In most cases, practice management software isn’t single-payment transactions. You can usually pick either a monthly or an annual payment plan which serves as a subscription of some sort to the service.

It’s vital that you pick software that fits your budget well. It should not be something that you have to go out of your way for. The good news is that there are veterinary practice solutions from almost all price ranges so there’s always something to choose regardless of your budget.

Most of today’s service providers also offer demo versions of their solutions. Take advantage of these free trials as it will help you see whether or not the solution is perfect for you without you having to make an initial investment. Some free trials can last for weeks and it’s a big mistake to avoid these.


The practice management software for veterinarians should be able to stand on its own but it should also be able to integrate with other solutions as well. Integration helps make the software be more productive and useful for your business and it can maximize what your veterinary clinic can do.

Integration often means that the software is compatible with a suite of other solutions. For instance, it can partner with digital security solutions for added security. It could even integrate with payroll and invoicing solutions so that your work operations are streamlined even more.

Integration also ensures that you are getting your investment’s worth with the software.  It’s not enough for software to be compatible with other solutions. Those solutions should be useful as well.

Customer Support

While software and solutions are good additions to a workforce, they aren’t exactly perfect. There will be times when the solutions themselves fail or malfunction. This is why it’s necessary that the practice management software for veterinarians you get for your veterinary clinic has superb customer support.

What does good customer support mean when it comes to practice management software? For one, it means that customer support should be available to contact 24/7. Emergencies can come at any time and the support team should always be readily available to help guide you.

With regards to accessibility, the customer support team should be accessible via various platforms. This includes text messaging, calls, emails, and even live chat. The more platforms there are to talk to them with, the easier it will be to get a hold of them when emergencies happen.

Picking practice management software for veterinarians properly is going to benefit your veterinary clinic and its patients in many ways. We understand that you only want the best for your money which is why you should look towards these qualities when picking one to invest in in the future.