They are mostly found in medical equipment production firms and biotechnology companies. A quick delve into who they are and what they do will shed some light on the subject.

What Is A Medical Science Liaison?

The profession came to be in 1967 after a pharmaceuticals company experienced trouble convincing key opinion leaders to back their products.

Medical science liaisons are individuals with vast knowledge about their employer’s products and act as bridges between their employers and different market players. They are employed through companies like They explain these products to these players and answer questions about inferiority and side effects.

They work for pharmaceutical companies and other health-related industries. They represent these companies in investor and government meetings.

What is a medical science liaison’s job?

Their main role is to establish contact with key decision-makers in the health sectors for the sake of the products they represent. They work under different models but the most common on the territory division concept.

Their employer assigns each medical science liaison a geographical area within which they will advance the company’s agenda as far as communication with stakeholders is concerned. They do this by holding actual meetings with professionals like doctors or talking in forums with more people.

They are responsible for developing and implementing investigations into different medical conditions. From their findings, they are tasked with coming up with treatment options for these medical conditions.

The first step in the fight against any disease is the understanding of its behavior and response to different medications. To achieve this experts have to study the disease closely and use the findings in their countermeasure strategy.

Medical science liaisons collect different diseases’ samples and subject them to analysis. They then write reports which are used in the development of treatment for the different diseases and pathogens.

Mass production of medical drugs is a painstaking process that calls for planning and preparation. The preparation involves among other things, standardization of dosage. Medical science liaisons perform this task for their employer in aid of the drug production process.

They design, test, and develop medical equipment and technology.

They liaise with other medical experts to create healthcare-oriented programs.

When companies need to secure funding from governments and investors they turn to medical science liaisons to write the research grant proposals. They might even have to attend the vetting meetings on behalf of their employer.

What Skills Does A Medical Science Liaison In Singapore Need?

Communication. To perform their duties, medical science liaisons need to have excellent communication skills. They are in constant communication with colleagues, industry players, and government representatives.

Adaptability. For medical science liaisons, no two days are similar. Instructions change every day and the ability to adapt to these changes is important in this line of work.

Flexibility. Medical science liaisons are tasked with different roles that affect the consumer directly. Their ability to reflect consumer needs in the products they design is very helpful to the industry and sector.

Take Away

Every expert in every industry has a role play, major or minor. Medical science liaisons are very important experts in the medical sector, their absence would hurt the sector significantly. They have different jobs which require them to have multiple life skills.