Top surfers always have what they call a quiver of surfboards at their disposal. This means that they have a large selection of boards to choose from depending on how the ocean is behaving on any given day. The same can be said for pro snowboarders, windsurfers, skiers, or any other sports person or worker whose job depends on the changeability of the elements.

By and large, most gamers do not need to worry about such things, but there is now a move towards many having something of a gaming quiver – using different gaming hardware depending on what sort of game it is they wish to play and for how long they wish to engage in online gameplay.

This is certainly the case when it comes to mobile gaming with many keen button bashers and screen tappers having one reliable phone for daily usage and another that is specifically set up for gaming. Here we take a look at the phones that are best suited to certain genres of games so that people can make the mobile device purchase that is perfect for them.

Chess is just one of the classic games that is fun to play on a large screen device such as a tablet

Classic Games Go Well on Tablets or Mid-Range Phones

While many modern gamers are drawn to the non-stop action and graphical prowess of battle royale and RPG games, there are others who still enjoy testing themselves on classic games of the past, which have since transferred over into the online gaming sphere.

Games such as these include board games, card games, and even quiz games. Before the internet existed many of these were played across large table surfaces or game boards and so it makes sense that they tend to function the best on those mobile devices with large screens. This means that whether someone is getting to grips with blackjack online, online chess, or online Cluedo, they can rarely go wrong with a tablet. For those players of classic games who like to keep things cheap, the Amazon Fire 7 is a solid choice, while for gamers who want something a little more robust there is always the trusty iPad Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, both of which are powerful enough to double as a laptop. Such large and high-resolution screens that players will never miss when they land a hand of 21, but their opponent’s king in checkmate, or solve the whodunnit.

If tablets are a little too bulky for the way you like to game, then it is worth investing in a phone that is powerful enough to display the high-quality graphics and features that such games offer. Mid-range phones like the iPhone XR or the OnePlus 7 Pro should more than do the job required.

Playing on a tablet can be the way to go for many players of classic online games like chess, blackjack, and Cluedo

Graphically Demanding Games Need Souped Up Devices

While classic online games are far more demanding of the mobile CPUs they run on than they used to be, they still do not ask anywhere near as much as some of the battle royale and RPG games that are all the rage on streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Indeed, it is only recently that such games have been playable on mobile devices. However, there are now specialist Esports phones whose reason for being is to deliver elite-level gaming performance. Some of these devices include the ROG Phone 2 and the Black Shark 3, both of which put some consoles and PCs to shame with their computing power.

Ensure Your Phone is Compatible with a Mobile Controller

Another thing that mobile gamers should be aware of is whether the phone they are considering buying is compatible with a mobile gaming controller. These controllers effectively transform a phone into a mini console that can be played on the go, but players must check that their phone works with such a device. Thankfully there are controllers like the Razer Kishi which will work with just about any Android smartphone.