It isn’t uncommon for motorcycle enthusiasts to encounter an accident while riding passionately. Nearly 89,000 motorcycle accidents with injuries were reported in 2017, indicating how common such mishaps have become. But these accidents aren’t always caused by the rider! Sometimes, another person’s negligence causes you to suffer an injury, after which medical expenses contribute more to the misery. How can you sue someone whose mistake has caused you anguish? A common solution involves hiring an attorney who specializes in handling motorcycle accident lawsuits. So, we’ll explain here how you can hire the perfect lawyer for your case to get the compensation you so rightfully deserve.

Steps To Hire An Attorney For Your Accident Lawsuit

Motorcycle accident lawsuits are different from each other since the factors causing that calamity vary significantly. The compensation you’ll receive eventually depends on the guilty party’s material assets. It becomes difficult to obtain the required payment without hiring an expert lawyer. Experts also suggest that 90% of accidents settle even before they’re brought before a judge. No wonder average payments for motorcycle accidents were almost $74,000 between 1999 and 2006. It shows why you must employ the services of an attorney to establish your case successfully. If you wish to find a qualified attorney to handle your case, you can take some easy steps. So, let’s explain these steps in simple terms:

  1. Start looking immediately:

States have different statutes of limitations when it comes to filing injury claims. For instance, Texas gives you two years to bring a lawsuit, whereas you can’t file a claim after three years in Colorado. It means that you must start looking for a motorcycle accident attorney immediately after the disaster has transpired. Hire a personal injury lawyer with decades worth of experience and several qualified attorneys to support your case. Don’t let insurance companies undervalue your claim by leveraging any wasted/delayed time against you. Therefore, don’t wait much longer before acting legally.

  1. Ask around friends/family:

Some 80% of Americans don’t even purchase household commodities before asking friends/family for suggestions. Why not seek their opinion while hiring an attorney? You can ask around your family and friends circles for lawyer referrals. Question them about their experiences with the lawyer and whether the lawsuit ended successfully or not. Were they satisfied with the outcome? So, you must make sure that the attorney you’re being referred to will address all your legal needs adequately.

  1. Ask the right questions:

While interviewing the attorney, it’s vital to ask relevant questions that explain whether their expertise conforms with your expectations or not. So, don’t ask questions timidly; instead, begin the interview with some bold queries. Therefore, here are some example inquiries you may make:

  • How many years/decades ago did the attorney start practicing?
  • Has the potential attorney dealt with cases similar to yours before?
  • Will the attorney handle your case personally or delegate it to someone else?
  • What percentage of their time does the attorney dedicate to motorcycle accidents?
  • How many motorcycle accidents lawsuits has the attorney finished successfully in the past?
  1. Review their credentials:

Don’t forget to review their credentials to ensure that you’re working with a genuine lawyer. It takes time and effort to become an attorney. Thus, they must show you their registration and certification during the interview. They’ve passed LSATs before becoming students in an ABA-accredited school. They must have also taken the exam in different states (if you’re interested in hiring a lawyer who can practice in more than one state). Make sure you’ve employed a person who knows the drill.

  1. Consider their experience:

Your attorney’s experience indicates whether they’re capable of handling your case or not. Lawyers who have spent decades dealing with motorcycle accident lawsuits have the necessary information to present a strong case before the judge. They can discover the hidden details you couldn’t find in the past. There’s a unique stigma associated with motorcyclists that require the expertise of capable attorneys to go away. Thus, it would help if you prefer hiring someone with experience combined with knowledge.

  1. Check their communication skills:

It’s essential for your lawyer and you to understand each other. They must provide you with correct and clear-cut information regarding your lawsuit. So, ensure that your attorney’s speeches are direct and they offer to-the-point responses to your questions. Don’t hire them if you’re leaving the office with unanswered questions about the lawsuit (or the attorney’s credentials). Since these communication problems may explode in the future, weaken your case, and result in you failing to get justice.

  1. Discuss the payment structure:

It’s crucial to discuss the payment structure with your motorcycle accident attorney. Are you going to pay them before employing their services, or will there be a formula to determine their payment? It seems proper to insert a “contingency” stating that the lawyer’s entitled to payment only if the case ends in your favor. So, they won’t receive anything if the lawsuit isn’t successful. Today, many injury lawyers work on this condition. It ascertains that you’re not wasting resources on a futile case!

  1. Meet several attorneys:

Don’t just interview a single lawyer. Instead, move around the market and have meetings with many attorneys. Interview as many as you can, and don’t forget to search for motorcycle accident lawyers online. Google can probably show you the names of several Denver-based law firms. You can find well-experienced attorneys to handle the case since not every potential attorney will have the time to work on your case. Hence, don’t limit your options and have many candidates available.


Why do motorcycle accidents occur? Several reasons cause these calamities, including speeding, alcohol consumption, and reckless driving. Statistics show that 5,000+ motorcyclists died in 2019, suffering from accidents. However, you should contact an attorney if someone’s negligence has caused this mishap! A well-experienced lawyer can help you gather the evidence, talk to witnesses, organize the paperwork, and present a strong case before the judge. A professional attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents can also communicate with the insurance people while focusing on self-healing. So, you must hire a licensed lawyer with positive reviews. And who also has a history of winning such lawsuits in the past.

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