The kitchen is the busiest part of every home, especially during an occasion when a family gathers, that’s why it’s highly recommended to be organized in the kitchen. For homeowners with a tiny space, an organized kitchen can be a tremendous help mostly during the busy hours in the morning when every one is bound to go to the office or at school.  

  • Do you spend over five minutes just to find a single utensil?
  • Does it take so much time on your end to complete a recipe?
  • Are you having trouble being efficient in the kitchen?
  • Are your kids always around when you do the work at the kitchen?

If your answers to these questions are resounding yes, there’s no other way but to dedicate time to clean out those messy utensils and find more ways to organize your kitchen. You may use kitchen storage containers or fix and match the utensils. But before we give you the list on how to declutter and organize your kitchen, here are a few reasons it’s so good to keep your kitchen tidy at all times!

1. It allows you to conduct meal planning properly

Maintaining a home and caring for your family is such a responsibility that anyone will definitely agree that it is wearisome but rewarding afterward. For the kitchen area, allow yourself to easily identify the ingredients at home so you can plan your meals properly without the need to run in a market store.

2. Prolong the food storage life

Removing your bought store foods from the packets and keeping them in kitchen storage containers guarantees to extend its life and maintain its freshness even after a week. In line with this, keeping your food in kitchen storage containers will prevent any bacteria growth.

3. Maintain your home aesthetics

Imagine the money you have spent to build your dream home, only to mess it up because you don’t have an organized kitchen, what would you feel? The kitchen should make you feel calm even when your hands are full when preparing a meal, a tidy cooking area will always provide a welcoming vibe even when you suddenly have visitors at home. It won’t force you to multitask just to clean it up while you have food in the induction and accommodate guests all at the same time.

4. It will teach your kids a sense of responsibility

As Deb Cohen once said, “Kids who do chores are better in all aspects of their lives.” Sustaining the orderliness in the cooking area will also add up to the values you are teaching your kids. It will enable you to involve the kids roaming around the kitchen and help you make it as organized as possible. For instance, creating a chores board for them to do every day, even just for 20 minutes of their time will help them obtain a sense of responsibility.

Simple chores you can assign to your small ones are as follows:

  • Wipe the countertops, spills, chairs, and tools
  • Clean the dishes
  • Water kitchen plants
  • Wash the veggies you just bought from the store
  • Polish sink faucet

5. Effective use of space

To everyone who lives in a small apartment, it will always give you peace of mind if you can keep your counters free from any clutters, as it will allow you to maximize your kitchen space. 

6. Easy to maintain

Whether you are a hands-on mom with two kids or working for a home-based job, an organized kitchen is absolutely easy to maintain. For example, you have a meeting within ten minutes and you feel the urge to sip a cup of coffee; you don’t need to dig through just to find the sugar, coffee mate, or the coffeemaker filter, you just need to go straight a certain corner of your kitchen where you can get everything you need in a split second!

Here are a few tips we have prepared for you to give you more insights on how to maintain an organized kitchen.

  • Install a slide-out prep station – A not so common installation in the kitchen, but a slide-out prep station with a hole right over the trash can make peels and pits dump straight more conveniently. In addition to that, you no longer need to buy a separate slicing board as this slide-out prep station can do the wonder for you.
  • Use removable transparent bins inside kitchen cabinets to nathan james–  Kitchen cabinets are not just meant to store your groceries on them, as a matter of fact, you can also utilize removable bins. These removable bins will maximize your space inside the kitchen cabinet to sort out fruits, vegetables, onion, garlic, and other spices you usually use.
  • Get rid of knife blocks – If you have kids at home, it’s highly recommended to use a magnetic knife bar, as knife blocks take up your counter space. Also, kids won’t be able to access the knife and play with it.

 An organized kitchen makes everything convenient for you at home!