There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there and if you are looking for the best e-commerce platform for your new e-store, look no further than Odoo. For many Australian entrepreneurs, Odoo ticks all the boxes and in this short article, we delve into the many powerful features that the Odoo platform offers digital entrepreneurs.

User-friendly interface

Odoo ticks all the boxes when it comes to user-friendliness, a platform that is suitable for small e-stores and multi-national operations alike. Drag-and-drop technology makes it easy to manage numerous e-stores, while website-building tools are comprehensive and simple to use. If you are looking for Odoo web dev services, Google can help you locate a leading Australian web developer that focuses on Odoo development.

Scalable solutions

As your e-store grows, so does your CMS, as Odoo is fully scalable and seamlessly integrates numerous digital platforms. You can integrate accounting, sales, CRM and inventory and as your business develops and grows, you can add to your Odoo platform.

Customizable Shopfront designs

There are many design templates that can be customized to create a unique storefront, one that best reflects your business. Site building is easy when you have so many templates that you can customize to create something unique.

Connect with existing platforms

Whether you use WordPress, Magento or Shopify, Odoo can seamlessly connect with all your platforms, helping you to manage all platforms with a single interface. This enables you to seamlessly keep a check on inventory, manage sales and digital payment gateways. You might have several e-stores, each using a different CMS; Odoo has all the tools that you need to seamlessly integrate all platforms with your Odoo applications.

How do I start?

If you have yet to launch your e-store, the best approach is to contact a leading web developer in Australia or New Zealand and set up an initial Zoom call, when you can discuss the many options with a representative of the development team. A few days later, the team send you a proposal and should you be in agreement, they make-up digital storyboards to show the web design, complete with colours and fonts.

Customized features

There are many powerful features that you can include in your e-commerce and by discussing your needs with the developer, you can pick and choose the features to use on your site(s). Accounting becomes a breeze, while stock inventory involves a few mouse-clicks.

Web traffic analysis

Odoo supports web traffic analysis, enabling you to measure performance and make data-driven decisions. 

Setting up digital payment gateways

Naturally, you want your customers to have numerous ways to pay for goods and Odoo can help you manage all your digital payment gateways. Of course, you want to accept all major credit cards, plus direct bank transfer and even Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

All device compatibility

When setting up an e-commerce store, you want all device capability; whether desktop PC, a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone, your site will show clearly if it is all device compatible. More and more Australians are using mobile devices when shopping online and not optimising your e-store could cost you a lot in terms of customers.

Fast page loading

If an online consumer has to wait more than a couple of seconds, they typically leave the site, never to return. A large e-store would contain a lot of high-resolution images and that can lead to slow page loading. The developer can optimise the site, which means the site will load quickly, as image formats are changed to make them smaller.

Choosing a web developer

Of course, there are many web developers out there and you should contact at least 3 companies that design and build e-commerce platforms and see what each has to propose. When on the developer’s website, look for testimonials from happy clients, which offers a clear indication of what to expect. Most developers are happy to share an informal Zoom call in order to discuss the customer’s needs and if you are happy with that, the next stage is for the developer to make an official proposal in the form of a written quotation.

Ongoing support

Once your platform is up and running, you have full support from the developer and should there be any minor issues, the development team can sort the problem out. Your e-store is protected by state-of-the-art cyber-security, so your customers will have peace of mind, knowing that their financial information is secure.

If you would like to learn more about Odoo, search online for a leading Australian web developer and make an enquiry, which should lead to the developer creating a proposal. Dealing with industry experts means that your new e-store will be professionally designed and ready for business 24/7.

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