Can you remember when DVDs were a thing? It’s funny that streaming services started as a compliment to DVDs and digital downloads. VOD services only had select titles of movies and TV shows, and according to many, there was no way they could usurp DVDs and digital downloads.

There is so much competition in the streaming industry as more people opt to stream their favorite content from home. Streamers have many options, from popular brands like Netflix to little-known services like video-on-demand Acorn TV.

Thanks to faster internet connections and an array of media streaming devices, DVDs are nearly extinct, and so is the traditional cable. As a result, more people are joining the cord-cutters movement in favor of streaming services.

The competition is good news for streamers, but there’s no way you can subscribe to every account because you would drain your savings. So here we will briefly discuss the Top 5 Platforms Dominating the VOD Streaming Business.


YouTube has been an excellent resource for user-generated content over the years, and five billion videos are watched daily. You can find from tiny house living and tech videos to food and travel channels; the list is endless.

The best thing about YouTube is you don’t have to spend any money to watch these videos because they are free. You can even watch movies on YouTube without paying a penny after the streaming service added ad-supported films to the content.

With YouTube Premium, you can stream any video without ad interruption, before or during playback, including video overlay ads. Also, YouTube Premium gets rid of search ads and third-party ads.

You can also subscribe to YouTube TV in New Zealand and watch live and on-demand videos from hundreds of TV networks. However, you would need a premium VPN to access this service because it’s only available in the US.


Netflix started as a DVD rental service via mail to take on Blockbuster’s most significant player in the business, which enjoyed a monopoly on brick-and-mortar stores. But unfortunately, the company didn’t take Netflix seriously because the executives didn’t understand why anyone would want to rent DVDs by mail.

Fast forward to 2022, Blockbuster is a thing of the past, and Netflix is in the high echelons of the world of streaming. Netflix offers unlimited TV shows and movies and offers original programming, and comedy specials.

The streaming giant is still trying to make big movies, the latest being The Gray Man, but Netflix is yet to get that one hit to propel it to greatness.

Netflix has an extensive video inventory through its content and licensing agreements with content producers and cable networks. The company’s user base recently dipped due to the price hike, but new additions like The Sandman will keep viewers coming back. Also, check out most favorite movies and tv shows.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon, the parent company of Prime Video, is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of revenue. In addition, Prime Video is considered one of the best streaming services, and everything the company touches turns to gold.

Amazon Prime will meet all your streaming expectations with TV shows, movies, and original programming that blows other streaming services out of the water. The streaming service has an impressive collection of shows like Reacher, The Boys, and The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel.

Amazon operates differently from Netflix or HBO Max as its shows are far between. Additionally, Amazon has a music subscription service.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus was founded in 2019 and has quickly grown to become a must-have streaming service and is considered the best streaming service for families.

The streaming service has the edge over others because of the sheer number of properties it controls. For example, Disney owns Star Wars, Marvel, and an endless pot of animated content like The Simpsons.

Disney Plus is affordable and is one of the cheapest in the industry, considering you can watch The Mandalorian in 4K. The streaming service is the talk of the town thanks to Miss Marvel, the latest hit show on the platform.


Many consider Hulu the best streaming service for cord-cutters and the most unique. It doesn’t have many originals like Netflix or Prime Video, but it holds its own with the next-day airing of broadcast and cable TV shows. However, Hulu’s original shows never miss, like Dopesick, Only Murders in the Building, Reservation Dogs, and Castle Rock.

However, a paid subscription features ads, but not as many as you would through cable.

Wrapping Up

Our list of the top five platforms has taken the VOD streaming business by storm. Every streaming service has its unique price point, but you get what you pay for. So take your time and subscribe to the service(s) that meets your streaming needs.