Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you pour love into dishes to show your family how you feel about them. It’s also the room in your house that will cost the most to remodel.

So as you prepare for a DIY kitchen remodel, prepare yourself for the cost and the benefit. Yes, ripping out your cupboards and installing new ones will cost you copious amounts of time and money. It will also reap big rewards. 

In the end, you’ll end up with a more functional, beautiful kitchen than what you had. You will also end up with a more valuable home. You can expect an 80 percent return of investment when you put time into a kitchen remodel. 

And if you plan on doing the remodel yourself, you can plan on an even bigger financial investment. 

Keep reading to learn the things you need to do before you break out the sledgehammer and start a DIY kitchen remodel.

Gather Takeout Menus

Thanks to the shutdowns of 2020, we’re all familiar with takeout menus. The restaurants that stayed open and survived the economic shutdowns quickly converted to takeout restaurants. 

So before you plan your home renovations, gather your takeout menus. During your kitchen renovation, you won’t be able to cook your own meals or clean up after yourself. So takeout will be your best friend. 

Also, go shopping. You will need an ample amount of paper products or a way to wash your dishes. So either buy the bulk-size of paper plates and napkins or purchase a plastic dishpan where you can wash your dishes. 

Pack Up Your Kitchen

You will have to pack up your entire kitchen inventory to prepare for a DIY kitchen renovation. Even though you’re doing the work yourself and can work around your own plates, you will have a much easier time with the renovation if you have a completely cleared kitchen. 

So move systematically, beginning with your pantry items. Label your boxes so you’re not digging around looking for cumin in the boxes that have dishes. Keep your spices in a box that you can access quickly since, hopefully, you’ll still do a little cooking as you renovate. 

Then pack your breakables carefully, with casserole dishes and other ceramicware packed in newspaper or bubble wrap. Plan to live and eat as simply as possible during this time of home renovations. 

Roll up your throw rugs and put them in a closet. You don’t want them out where they will accumulate contractor dust or trip individuals walking through the work zone. 

Finally, secure the wall-hanging items. You should not have to pack them up, but make sure they’re not going to fall from their perch when the sledgehammer starts vibrating the room. If you can find a place for them, move them to a more secure location. 

Prepare a Temporary Kitchen

Designate a small part of your home as your temporary kitchen. A garage or carport can work well in a pinch. As a minimal requirement, you need a place with a water source. 

Then either move your full-size fridge to the new temporary kitchen or put a mini-fridge that can hold your essential cold items in the temporary kitchen. 

Set up a small table and chairs, enough for yourself and your family. Remember, you do not have to get fancy here. A card table or patio table will do fine along with folding chairs or lawn chairs. 

Move a mobile microwave to your new temporary kitchen. If you have a camping stove, make a place for this as well. 

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Then stock up on microwavable fare. You don’t have to completely sacrifice your health during this time of inconvenience. Purchase frozen veggies that steam in the microwavable bag, for example. 

You can also plan on cold meals. Sandwiches and salads work well to keep you healthy during this time period.

If you have a barbecue grill, utilize it to its fullest capacity. You might find that you will learn a whole new cooking skill outside of your traditional kitchen. 

Here are a few essential kitchen items you should remember to grab from the boxes you’ve packed: 

  • Potholders and oven mitts. You will need these to remove hot items from the microwave. 
  • Coffee pot. You will need this. 
  • Coffee pods or filters and coffee. The coffee pot does no good without them. 
  • Electric skillet along with a spatula, tongs, and cooking spray or oil. 
  • Crockpot. You only need a basic outlet for this handy tool. 

If you’ve embraced the trend of instant pots or electric pressure cookers, you’ll want this handy tool. If you have a deep fryer or air fryer, include this in your arsenal of kitchen tools for your new temporary space. 

Plan on Patience

Kitchen remodels take time. If you’re doing the remodel yourself, you will need an extraordinary amount of patience. This process will take you weeks of time and effort. 

When you hire a contractor, they will give you a time and financial estimate. These are usually modest estimates, and often the contractor will go over budget and time. 

You will do the same. However, if you’re patient, you’ll end up with the beautiful kitchen of your dreams and a wealth of memories from the time when you waited for it. 

As you budget and plan, know that the cost is worth the benefit. For all of your kitchen hardware needs, click here. You will find all of the home improvement building materials you might need for kitchen remodeling and other home improvement projects. 

Prep For Your DIY Kitchen Remodel Today

A DIY kitchen remodel will take you on an adventure. You’ll find yourself eating the best takeout in the neighborhood or trying to figure out how to make chocolate cookies on a barbecue grill. 

Before you know it, the kitchen will be done, and you’ll have a wealth of memories and a kitchen at the same time. 

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