In the world of gaming, there is a large number of job opportunities that you can take on if you’re a talented gamer with technology skills. You can work on any step of the game development process from writing about the gaming industry to actually playing the game to figure out if there are any bugs or fixes that need to be remedied.

Here are some ways in which you can put your tech skills to good use in the gaming industry.

Become a game tech writer.

If you have enough knowledge and experience with gaming and gaming tech, and to top it off, enjoy writing for a living; then you may just make a great video gaming writer. As a gaming tech writer, you will be producing articles and other pieces for your gaming audience related to the latest technology in the industry. This includes anything like the best gaming monitors, keyboards, and consoles. You can work for companies like Hot Spawn and publish pieces regarding these topics and other news articles.

Additionally, you can become a technical writer for a gaming company. Gaming companies need technical writers to create copy for the technical side of their games. For instance, a gaming company may need their technical writers to come up with a strategy guide for their games or a manual for their gaming consoles. As a tech writer, you’ll help these companies communicate with their clients and stakeholders.

Become a game developer.

As a game developer, you will be able to design a game’s concept and build it by using 3D modeling and programming. Game developers have a lot of opportunities in the job market right now; can even work remotely for a lot of these gaming companies. You could also work for companies like Luminwise to work on B2B software so you can help gaming companies and pro gamers host their websites on secured servers.

Become a sound engineer.

Additionally, you can become a sound engineer so you can create sound content for different video games. These sounds can include anything from soundtracks, opening themes, button and menu sounds, and even battle attack noises. Every sound you hear in video games has been generated by a sound engineer in a gaming company’s music studio (which can be your own house nowadays).

Play for a professional esports league.

Another way to put your tech skills to good use is to play as a professional esports gamer. As a pro gamer, you’re going to need to have tech skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving, among others. Having tech skills does not always mean sitting behind a computer to code. It can mean putting your soft technical skills to the test while enjoying your favorite game; even making some money in the process.

Land a game tester job.

Another idea here is to become a video game tester for a gaming company. There are many gaming companies nowadays that offer entry-level jobs for game testers. There, you will need to use your gamer skills as well as technical skills to determine if the developed game is up to par with the industry’s quality and content demands. You can make money by testing games and finding bugs, errors, glitches, and areas of improvement for other companies.

Become an illustrator.

Lastly, you can become an illustrator for a gaming company. As an illustrator, you’ll be using technology to come up with new characters, environments, scenarios, accessories, and everything in between for video games. You can apply your technical skills with image editing software; like Photoshop to come up with new elements for each game you work on.

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